Tournament Guide

Welcome to tournaments, Commanders!

This page gives you a breakdown of the key things you need to know, including how to create and join a team, how to view results and rewards, as well as all rules and glossary definitions.

Anyone can play, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh Commander. Play solo or team up with other players and plunge into a variety of formats, modes, and vehicles. Face off against worthy opponents, win battles and earn in-game rewards—including gold!


How to Create and Join a Team

Step 1: Choose a Tournament

Please ensure you are logged into your account.

Check the list of daily tournaments or use the tournament search function to find tournaments that entice you. Study the characteristics of the tournament carefully and click "Join Now" to get started.

Step 2: Join or Create a Team

How to Join a Team

  • Once you have selected a tournament via the "Join Now" link, a window will appear prompting you to either "Find Team" or "Create Team". Click "Find Team".
  • The tournament times and a list of available teams will then be displayed. The most suitable options will be displayed near the top of the list. Study the list of teams carefully. To learn more about a particular team, click its name. Some teams are password restricted. Such teams are marked with a lock icon. To get the password or any other extra information, contact the team's captain. Use the "Captain's Contacts" column.
  • Once you've selected a team that suits you, click "Join". Enter the password if necessary.
  • You're now a member of the team! If you change your mind, you can click "Leave Team" on the team's page. This option is only available until the captain confirms the team's lineup. Please be careful when choosing a team.
  • The schedule, bracket type, and all other information will appear on the tournament's page. Important news will be displayed near the top of the website and in the game client.
Remember to watch the client notifications so you don't miss any action. A special window will open for you to join the battle. The most important thing is to be online at the correct time.

How to Create a Team

  • Once you have selected a tournament via the "Join Now" link, a window will appear prompting you to either "Find Team" or "Create Team". Click "Create Team". In the new window, specify a suitable tournament start time and other options if available.
  • To get started, enter your team name. Provide your contact details in the "Captain's Contacts" field so that other players can get in touch with you. Write your team's description. Here you can specify your requirements for players and their achievements. You can also restrict access to your team by setting a password.
Important: Please be careful when providing contact details. We recommend using your in-game nickname in your correspondence to protect your personal information.
  • To join your team, your friends will need to follow your team's page link and click "Join". You can see the current lineup and applications to join the team on the team's page. Here you can also promote another player to the position of captain. You'll receive notifications regarding all changes in the team's lineup.
  • When there are enough players in your team, the confirmation button becomes active. Make sure you approve of the team's lineup and confirm it. Now your team is officially registered for the tournament! The schedule, bracket type, and all other information will appear on the tournament's page. Important news will be displayed near the top of the website and in the game client.
To take part in another tournament, you'll need to create another team. So, stay in touch with your comrades-in-arms!

Step 3: Start the Tournament Battle

  • A few minutes before the first battle of the match, all team members will receive invitations to a special battle, displayed as a pop-up message. Join the battle room, select a vehicle, and confirm your readiness after the captain has assembled the team. If other team members have joined already, or you accidentally closed it, don’t panic. Select “Special Battles” at the bottom left of the screen. This should bring the window back to the middle of your screen.
  • Move your name to the right-hand column, by double-clicking on your name or clicking on the right arrow, and set yourself to "Ready!" before the battle starts.

Results and Rewards

The tournament's results will be displayed on the specific tournament page. Here you'll learn the positions of all competing teams. Once the tournament is over, prizes are awarded to the winners and added to their accounts automatically. Prizes typically include real money, game merchandise or virtual assets such as gold or Premium tanks.

Prizes are often awarded to all the teams who reach the last stages, with the overall winner receiving the biggest prize. The exact prize lists for each tournament are always listed in advance with the tournament rules.

Please note: Rewards for each individual tournament may vary slightly, so always make sure to check the full list.

Tournament Rules


Player and Team Rules

  • Team captains must stay up to date on the rules of the tournament and relevant tournament topics on the forum. All captains and players are encouraged to ask any question they may have in the tournament section of the forum.
  • The team captain is responsible for his team: Only a team captain can make requests on behalf of his team on the forum. These requests include team status change, player change etc.
  • Team and player names must not violate the naming rules. Any team violating these rules will be disqualified. Highly offensive names may be further sanctioned with an in-game suspension.
  • Teams must keep all names alpha-numeric. Teams are not allowed to use special symbols, unprintable words, or similar. All names have to be clearly readable. Teams breaking this rule may be disqualified without warning.
  • Each player can only play for one team in a tournament, cup or championship.
  • Having another person participate in the tournament on one’s behalf is not allowed. Any team violating this rule will have their rewards removed.

Vehicle Restrictions

  • As a general rule, no specific vehicles are prohibited.
  • The use of Premium tanks, special ammunition and improved consumables is allowed.
  • In case of any tank restrictions, they will be specifically mentioned in the rules.


  • Administrators resolve disputes.
  • The ruling of an Administrator is final.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify the rules prior to or during the tournament while notifying the players via the official forum or a portal publication.
  • In case of dispute, an administrator will contact the team captains through the forum’s personal message system or in-game, depending on the players' availability.


  • In-game gold and other rewards are usually sent within a week (maximum two) of the tournament’s completion.
  • If your team is missing gold or any other rewards AFTER two weeks, you may report it on the forum by posting in the section of the specific tournament or contacting Player Support.
  • All rewards are per player unless otherwise specified.
  • If two or more teams/players have the same number of points, their ranking will be based on a head-to-head ratio.
  • Some tournaments don’t have a playoff stage after the round robin. In such cases, the reward is given based on the points accumulated.


  • Compensation will be awarded to participants in case of technical issues with the TMS (Tournament Management System) or the game server if it is not possible to continue a tournament.
  • Compensation will not be awarded automatically, each case will be reviewed separately. Follow the forum for news on upcoming updates.
  • Compensation will have a value of one Personal Reserve: +50% to XP for 2 hours.


  • In case of dispute, the team captains will be contacted via the forum and will have 72 hours to reply. Failure to reply or provide the replays may result in the cancellation of the victory and the removal of the prizes.
  • Any action that goes against the spirit of the game, such as battle rigging or other types of abuse of the game mechanics, may lead to disqualification and/or further in-game sanctions.


  • The tournament format, team size and battle length will be posted on each tournament page.
  • Before each tournament, make sure to familiarize yourself with the news announcement and the rules in order to have all the information.

Tournament Glossary


Match terms

Battle / Game A single battle or game is the base unit of a match. The terms 'battle' and 'game' can be used interchangeably.
Best of 3 / Best of 5 This is a common victory condition in which a match consists of a maximum of three or five games. The team that wins the majority of these games will be victorious.
Defeat If you lose a match, you could eliminated from the tournament! Time to get practising to get your revenge next time!
Draw A draw is a situation where neither team achieves victory in a battle. The effect of a draw on the tournament will be stated in the Draw Rules. In some instances, both teams could be eliminated from the tournament for passive play. In other cases, a rematch may be played or "token" points awarded.
Forfeit The act of conceding or "giving up" a game/battle, or match. The exact consequences of a forfeit are described in the rules of the specific tournament.
Time The time for tournament events is always stated in the time zone for the Wargaming office of that region. For Europe, it is Central European Time CET (UTC+1) and in summer it becomes CEST (UTC+2).
Victory Achieving victory in a battle/game usually involves the elimination of all enemy vehicles, the capture of the enemy base, or something different that is specified in the tournament rules. Victory conditions can vary to suit the theme or goal of the tournament, so read the rules carefully!

Team / Player terms

Disqualification A disqualified team is removed from the tournament. A team may be disqualified for breaking the rules, e.g. by using forbidden mods, tampering with the game client, etc. The exact rules that may lead to disqualification of a team are listed in the specific tournament rules.
Dispute A situation during which players or teams disagree over an issue relating to the tournament. Disputes are resolved by administrators, and their decision is final.
Player A person with a World of Tanks account. All players can join a team if they want to take part in tournaments. A player who is taking part in a tournament becomes a Tournament Participant.
Team A group of players who work together as a single unit. Team vs Team is the standard format for tournaments. Teams can consist of anything from 2 to 15 players, depending on the tournament rules and format.
Tournament participant A player taking part in a tournament, usually as part of a team. The number of players in each team can vary depending on the specific tournament rules.


Admin / Administrator The official responsible for running a tournament. All instructions given to tournament participants by the administrator must be followed.
Ban If you get one of these, you're in real trouble. You've broken the rules many times or did something strictly forbidden by the rules of a tournament. The consequences of a ban can vary depending on the exact circumstances. A ban can be temporary or permanent. We hope you'll never get one!
Fair Play The concept of "fair play" is a very general one that is not easily defined. It is a general clause and can be interpreted differently, depending on the situation. In general, all tournament participants are obliged to "play fair". They should not break any rules of the tournament, abuse bugs, cheat in any kind of way, or behave disrespectfully towards their opponent, administrators, etc. Understanding this term requires applying common sense.

This is any kind of third party modification or alteration to the game client, resource, or game functionality. Each player should be allowed to enjoy World of Tanks in the way they want, but there are certain modifications that are not allowed.

If you are in doubt whether any modification is allowed, just visit the Mod Hub to discover all the verified and newest mods for World of Tanks, and check out our Fair Play Policy.

Penalties Penalty points may be awarded for any discrepancies or rule-breaking carried out by any team in a competition. Penalty points are awarded based on the severity of the offense. A major and minor penalty point are not mutually exclusive and both may be given for the same offense. Accumulating too many penalty points may result in a warning or disqualification from the tournament.
Rules A set of regulations that sets out the conditions for participating in the tournament. The rules can consist of everything from registration and match dates, team name restrictions and numbers of players per team, vehicle restrictions, replay submission processes, and so on. It is very important to read and understand all the rules before entering a tournament!


Brackets A bracket is the tree diagram that represents the series of games played during a tournament. It is named as such because it appears to be a large number of interconnected brackets.
Caster Also known as a commentator. The caster joins the game to witness the events that take place in order to report on them. Often, casters will stream the game on official channels with live commentary.
Single Elimination / Double Elimination Single Elimination is a simple tournament format in which a participating team will progress to the next stage of the tournament after winning a single match, while the losing team leaves the tournament.

Double Elimination is a more complex tournament format. After the first round, the tournament tree is separated into two brackets—one for winners and one for losers. All the winning teams play in single-elimination against each other, as do the losers. A loss in the winner’s bracket means the team drops into the loser’s bracket. A loss in the loser’s bracket means elimination from the tournament. This format gives teams a chance to come back after losing a match.
Final / Finals Usually, the final refers to the last round of a tournament in which the two top teams battle to determine who the winner is. It can also refer to the very last match or matches of a tournament.

The finals involve a group of top teams, and consist of the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and final.
Group Stage In this stage, teams are placed in a certain group (or groups) and fight only within the designated grouping to put them in a ranking. The top-ranked teams (often the top two) from each group then proceed to the tournament's "knock-out" phase. From there, the tournament continues under a knock-out (single-/double-elimination) system until the winner is found, unless the rules state otherwise.
Invitation Please see 'Special Battle'.
Map Pool The group of maps that a specific tournament will use. Maps in the map pool are defined in advance, usually in the specific tournament rules. This is to ensure fairness by having all teams play on the same map for each round. Technically, any map from World of Tanks can be in the map pool.
Playoffs Typically, the top 6 teams from the Group Stage will meet in the playoffs to compete in a double-elimination bracket.
Prize Once the tournament is over, prizes are awarded to the winners. These can consist of real money, game merchandise or virtual assets such as gold or Premium tanks. Prizes are often awarded to all the teams who reach the last stages, with the overall winner receiving the biggest prize. The exact prize lists for each tournament are always listed in advance.
Prize Pool The prize pool consists of all the prizes allocated for the tournament. Teams get a cut of the prize pool depending on their final position in the tournament (with the overall winner receiving the most). The prize pool and allocation are listed in advance with the tournament rules.
Qualifiers The qualifying rounds are the early stages of the tournament in which the teams entering are reduced to a few elite teams who progress to the final stages.
Quarterfinal The quarterfinal is the first part of the final. Eight teams take part and the top four progress to the semi-finals.
Registration The process of enlisting for a tournament. The registration process may differ for different kinds of tournaments.
Round A group of matches composing a single stage of a tournament. For example, a round of 16 teams in which the winning 8 will progress to the next stage of the tournament. A round is depicted as a vertical column in a standard, progressing-right tournament bracket.
Semi-final The semi-finals are the middle part of the final. Four teams take part and the top two progress to the final.
Special Battle The client uses a mechanic called 'Special Battle' to invite registered and approved tournament participants to take part in scheduled battles. Once a battle is placed, fifteen minutes before the battle starts, the normally grayed-out special battles at the top of the screen will become active. Players will wait in a lobby similar to the company battle's lobby until the battle starts.
Tank setup This is the stage of the battle where participants choose the tanks they will use in the next battle.
Tier limit The Tier limit is the maximum tier for individual vehicles in the tournament. The Tier limit can vary for each vehicle type in a single tournament—for example, it’s common to see a Tier limit of Tier VIII. Each tournament has its own Tier limit, so check the rules carefully to see which vehicles you can play.
Tier points Each vehicle is worth a number of Tier points equal to its vehicle tier. The Tier point value for a team is equal to the sum of all participating vehicle Tier points. Most tournaments have a Tier point limit for teams that they cannot exceed. This means teams must be tactical in choosing what vehicles to use.
Tier point limit Please see "Tier points" above. It is also known as the 'level cap'.
Tournament A grand event in which tournament participants play a series of rounds. In each round, teams are eliminated until there is a final winner. The specific rules and victory conditions of each tournament can vary depending on requirements.

Do you have any further questions? Are you looking for teammates? Go to the Tournament Forum for more information!

See you in battle, Commander. Roll Out!