P.44 Pantera

As the first researchable Italian medium tank with an autoreloader, the P.44 Pantera will differ greatly from what you've learned about this nation before. With a similar look to the legendary Panther vehicles, this one will bring its own gameplay to the table. Fans of the German originals will be in for a treat.


Even though the P.44 Pantera looks very similar to the German Panther tanks, it is far from being a copy of them. For one, the armour of this Italian is not as strong as the German. The chance of deflecting any shots, even from lower-tier tanks, is low. What is significantly better though, is the mobility. With a high top speed and good acceleration, you can change positions quite fast. It also helps you get to safety in case your entire clip is depleted.

Its top gun, the Cannone da 90/74, is very similar to the original Panther's, boasting good penetration value, a decent aiming time, high accuracy, and average damage per shot. However, thanks to the 3-round clip, you can turn this gun into a tool of destruction. It won't completely destroy most of the opponents you meet but will give them a serious pummelling. Just make sure you have a safe spot to reload, or else the enemy may retaliate with full force.

As you surely know, the fewer rounds you have in your magazine, the longer it takes to reload. It's obviously not a good idea to unload the entire clip at the first enemy you face. Play as a normal medium tank during the early stages of the battle. Not only is your reload time lower but if needed, you can always resort to the remaining shells in your clip. The potential burst damage also keeps opponents at bay - nobody likes getting a full magazine pumped into their armour.


Recommended setup Alternative Setup

The recommended setup aims at improving the gun's parameters to a maximum, as it's the main trait of the high-tier Italian medium tanks. Better rate of fire and dispersion will help you get the most out of the clip. In case you fancy more view range, check the alternative setup, replacing the Improved Ventilation with Coated Optics.

Crew Skills


Train Repair first to keep your tank rolling. As it's not the most durable tank, sitting in an uncomfortable position may end your game quickly. The skills and perks afterwards give additional bonuses, mostly for your gun.