Account Security


Here you can learn how to keep your account safe from unauthorised people or intruders.

Should you have any serious problems with your account, please contact our Customer Service immediately.

Choose a strong password

Good passwords are long, complex, and hard to guess. A combination of letters, numbers, capitalization, and special characters make sure that your account is safer. Use Open Source Password Managers to create strong passwords and to manage them in one place, for example KeePass.

Link a phone to your account

Linking a phone number improves account security and facilitates its recovery in case of problems. A special access code will be sent to you by SMS, for free.

Second Authenticator Factor

Enabling the Second Authenticator Factor further improves account security by adding another layer of protection with the mobile app: Wargaming Auth. A special access code will be generated by the app.

Keep your antivirus and firewall active and up to date

Viruses spread fast, are hard to remove, and can damage your system or your hardware. Antivirus software helps protect your computer. Trojans and keyloggers monitor your computer, register what you write and can steal your credentials. Hackers use them to gain access to your bank account, email accounts, cloud storage, etc. Firewall software monitors and protects your Internet traffic and helps identify and block potential threats.

Keep your OS up-to-date

This ensures you get critical security updates and known issues patched immediately.

While macOS is not officially supported, we have a collaboration with Codeweavers that allows you to play World of Tanks on a Mac.

Do not share your account information

Never ever share your account information with other people. Lots of shared accounts get suspended for allied damage, rule violations, contested ownership, account selling, etc. Those with whom you share the account may not be as vigilant and careful as you.

Careful with scam or phishing attempts

There are plenty of phishing methods designed to scam you:

  • Messages: Someone asking for your account credentials to give you gold or credits, boost your stats, or try your tanks is a big red flag. Don't do it!
  • Emails: Phishing emails may emulate official communication messages from Wargaming. The sender address may be spoofed and contain malicious web links. Careful!
  • Websites: Some websites offer gold, premium vehicles or other illicit services at shocking discounts. Others are designed to steal your information using some type of web form. Beware of these websites, for they not only put you at risk, but can also lead to: chargebacks, fraud claims or a permanent game ban.