Gold F.A.Q.

Payment Instructions


What are the benefits of in-game gold within World of Tanks?

Tenacity and good combat skills will allow you to upgrade vehicles of any type and level, without spending a dime. However, small financial investments called 'microtransactions' can give you an excellent opportunity to make your gaming experience not only fun but also more comfortable. When you pay real money, you receive special in-game currency - Gold, which simplifies the process of levelling up your vehicles and allows you to buy Premium consumables and Premium ammunition that are not available for purchase using credits. You can read more about the benefits of Gold here.

Pay via PlaySpan

Currently PlaySpan is one of the most convenient and reliable payment systems for gamers worldwide. PlaySpan comes with a large number of reviews that confirm it as a secure and effective system of making Internet payments.
Read more about the PlaySpan payment options here.

Pay via infin-Payment

infin-Payment provides access to an easy, quick and secure anonymous telephone payment method for online content.  It is used by millions of people the world over. Read more about the option in this article.

Pay via Playlink

Playlink gives an opportunity for residents of Poland to make transactions via SMS. Learn about Playlink here.

Pay via Allopass

Allopass is a secure and convenient way to buy your digital content online. The payment service enables the user to buy online content without having to share their credit card or banking information with any third party, including Allopass themselves. Read more in the document.

Pay via BillingPartner

BillingPartner supports a number of online payment methods include Online Banking Transfer, Direct Debit and Advanced Direct Pay. Learn more about this option here.

Pay via mopay

mopay is a service which lets customers make transactions through a phone call and is available in 80 countries world-wide. Learn more here.

Premium Shop

The Premium Shop provides a means of making yourself and your friends happy by purchasing presents.  Possible items include exclusive or premium tanks and handsome amounts of gold. Please familiarise yourself with the Premium Shop terms and regulations before using this service.