Map Guide: Prokhorovka

Generally open terrain featuring a large hill and a railway embankment. Scattered trees provide concealment for tank destroyers. On the offensive, strike against the enemy’s flanks, but don't leave your own flanks unguarded. Artillery enjoy good fields of fire but are still vulnerable to raids by light tanks.

Please note that this guide does not account for any map changes or adjustments made after Update 1.21.1 (July 2023). While it is generally applicable, some tips, tricks, and guidelines may no longer be accurate.


Watch the Map Guide video and read all about the Prokhorovka map to discover useful tips and tricks for every vehicle class, insider strategies, and more.

Prokhorovka is popular—especially among SPG players, scouts, and snipers—for its vast open space. The 1,000×1,000-meter landscape has a summer setting and is available for vehicles from Tier IV through Tier X. Key elements that determine the course of action are a road in the west that runs north and south, a ridge in the center, a village in the center to the right of the railway tracks, and an elevated hill area in the southeast. The map is characterized by long stretches of grass, bushes, and trees, with little protection against artillery fire.

Prokhorovka has plenty of opportunities for every playstyle, but a good view range and high accuracy over long distances are definite pluses for dominating the battle.

Map Overview

Interactive image. Hover your cursor over the objects on the minimap to view additional information.

Sneaky position with an overview of a large part of the map. Ideal for passive scouting and racking up spotting damage.

Sneaky position with an overview of a large part of the map. Ideal for passive scouting and racking up spotting damage.

The ditch at the foot of the ridge is a power position for fast heavy tanks to stop the opposing team’s advancements, granting control of the middle. Beware of artillery fire!

Elevated sniper position to support the team in the center, but prone to blind shots.

Elevated sniper position to support the team in the center, but prone to blind shots.

Elevated sniper position to support the team in the center, but prone to blind shots.

Elevated sniper position with some cover and excellent angles into the middle.

Elevated sniper position with some cover and excellent angles into the middle.

Light Tanks
Medium Tanks
Heavy Tanks
Tank Destroyers
Self-Propelled Guns

Check out the map above to see the most favorable positions for every vehicle class, as well as helpful points of interest for gaining the upper hand.

  • A Classic North vs. South: Prokhorovka is horizontally divided along the central E/F axis marked by the ridgeline and the village. Both teams will find similar positions in their half, with a slight advantage for the southern team starting closer to the hill area.
  • Always Keep One Eye Open: Active and passive scouting is crucial on any battlefield but especially on Prokhorovka. The road along the 2 line and the railway tracks are flanked by bushes and trees, offering excellent cover.
  • They’ll Be Coming 'Round the Ridge: The center is a critical area that provides excellent spotting positions and firing lanes. Light and medium tanks with good view ranges should vie for control here. However, beware of enemy snipers and artillery on the sidelines.
  • It Takes a Village: The cluster of houses east of the railway is ideal for spotting enemy advancements along the map's eastern edge, but remember that all the buildings and covers are destructible.
  • Running Up the Hills: Besides the elevated position in the middle, there is higher ground in the northeast and southeast corners that offer excellent sniping positions for both teams but provide little cover from artillery.

Class Strategies

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • SPGs
  • At the start of the battle, cautiously advance along the road at the 2 line toward the center, utilizing bushes for passive spotting.

  • Use scouting equipment like Coated Optics, Binocular Telescope, or Commander’s Vision System to improve your capabilities to gather vital intel for your team.

  • Be cautious of sideline snipers when actively spotting from the central ridge.

  • Remember that your tank’s survival is paramount in gathering information on enemy movements and rotations.

  • The open space offers a variety of options for all types of medium tanks. Agile mediums with sturdy turret armor should engage enemies in the bustling center. Those focused on sniping will feel most comfortable supporting light tanks along the road. Meanwhile, close-quarters combatants will find a home on the fringes of the map’s western edges.

  • Stealthy movements and map awareness are crucial if artillery is present.

  • Long-range snipers with good accuracy should take over and hold positions in squares C1 and H1 to offer fire support across the map.

  • Fall back to the northwestern (squares A1–A3) and southwestern (squares K1–K3) corners if your team can no longer provide sufficient reconnaissance.

  • Heavy tank commanders will have the hardest time on Prokhorovka, and their fate depends on the capabilities of their allies and the presence of SPGs on the other team.

  • Pushing into the center at the E/F 2/3 squares in a fast heavy tank with high firepower can determine the course of the battle—as long as the opposing team doesn't have artillery or their SPGs have been taken out.

  • In an artillery-heavy environment, advancing along the railway tracks or advancing the eastern flank atop the hills are solid options.

  • Avoid a push along the 1 and 2 lines in the west as you will likely be spotted and picked off by snipers (unless your team clears the road for you).

  • Stealthy tank destroyers will have a blast on Prokhorovka as clandestine observers, swiftly striking from the back and hiding in bushes. Secure one of many designated sniping spots along the sidelines of the map and pick off your targets one by one.

  • Precision and careful aiming are paramount, especially when gunning for light tanks riding atop the middle ridge, but it's very satisfying when executed successfully.

  • Consider improving your spotting capabilities to be less reliant on your allies.

  • Blindly sending a shell or two into well-known spotting positions can yield surprising results and is worth a shot.

  • SPG commanders should hang back and position themselves along the A and K lines to establish a strong backbone for the team.

  • As the battle progresses, choose to advance with allied forces or seek refuge along the railway tracks.

  • Adaptability is the key to success on Prokhorovka—even for artillery. Prepare to move and reposition as needed to maintain maximum impact on the battlefield.

Remember these tips and tricks, and guide your team across the open spaces of Prokhorovka.

Find your path to victory and roll out!