The Löwe is a German Tier VIII heavy tank, and one of the oldest and most seasoned Premium vehicles in World of Tanks. With gameplay similar to the Tiger II line, it's a great vehicle to have for Tiger fans, especially because you can train your Tiger crews on the Löwe. Without further ado, let's jump right in!


Whoever already played the Tiger II, already knows half of the Löwe's play style. However, there are a couple of differences that you need to take into account when taking this Premium tank for a spin. With its stronger side armour, you can effectively use side-scraping tactics. Make sure to hide your lower frontal plate, your biggest weak spot. Thanks to its strong and rounded turret, you can even use hull-down positions to a certain extent.

Of course, with a heavy vehicle such as the Löwe, the mobility is rather limited. What that means is when the countdown is ticking, you need to decide in advance which flank to go to. Vigilantly check the minimap often – if another flank falls and you need to defend it, you must see it early and react quickly to have a chance of turning the tide of battle to your favour.

Once you choose your side and arrive at the frontline, you obviously want to make sure to put your gun to good use. While the long aim time looks rather off-putting, you don't need to worry too much about it – the stabilization is absolutely superb, meaning that the aim circle does not grow too much when shooting or moving.

Because of the low damage per minute, it becomes clear that you are not the main damage-dealer of your team. However, thanks to its high survivability, you may potentially stay in the game for longer, and thus will be able to influence the battle more over time.

When at the top of the list, the Löwe can be played effectively as a frontline heavy tank, but if you find yourself in the middle or at the bottom, you'll fare better if you take a supporting role.


Recommended setup

As the most important aspect of the Löwe is the gun, it's crucial to improve its characteristics as much as possible. Because of the low damage per minute and high aim time, having this equipment setup is crucial – you definitely want to ensure that each of your shots hits its mark.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

A fairly standard choice of crew skills. As with most vehicles, having the Repair skill is crucial, especially when your tracks are getting destroyed. The second and third skills are aiming to improve your gun's performance and reliability. For the skill 'Adrenaline Rush', since the Löwe has quite a large health pool and the reload time is rather long, we recommend using this skill instead of Safe Stowage.