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  • Upgrade clan property
  • Struggle for resources
  • Receive bonuses after every battle

Global Map

  • Capture territories
  • Fight for world supremacy
  • Get in-game gold and unique vehicles

Best Clans

Clan Ratings
Clan Ratings
Battles per Day
Battles per Day  
Average victories/battles ratio
Global Map Rating  

Average number of battles per day per player in all modes

Clan average Elo rating on the Global Map

  1. 14,589 [WPE] Weterani Polskiej Elity

    Weterani Polskiej Elity

  2. 14,472 [9-TDR] 9.Tanková divize Reborn

    9.Tanková divize Reborn

  3. 14,403 [PERL] PerníčekLovers


  4. 14,375 [EX-4X] No More Army X

    No More Army X

  5. 14,364 [PBSJ] Panzer Bataillon Stählerne Jäger

    Panzer Bataillon Stählerne Jäger

  1. 22 [GE-AC] Georgian Elite - Academy

    Georgian Elite - Academy

  2. 20.90 [GRFAL] FALCONS_


  3. 20.08 [DEND] The End!

    The End!

  4. 19.41 [GADFR] les Gwen ar Du

    les Gwen ar Du

  5. 19.28 [O-S-C] Old School Crew

    Old School Crew

  1. 2,510 [NXGEN] We start the Next Generation

    We start the Next Generation

  2. 2,457 [CSA] CS Army

    CS Army

  3. 2,450 [NOMI] No More Ideas!

    No More Ideas!

  4. 2,433 [72861] Always peaking hard!

    Always peaking hard!

  5. 2,405 [MVPS] Most Valuable Players!

    Most Valuable Players!