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Update 9.18 Is Here

Jump in to check out the improved matchmaker, new SPG mechanics, and new and revised light tanks.

The Grand Finals 2017: The teams

The regional finals have delivered the answer we've been waiting for: who is to step on the big stage? Let's find out!

6th Anniversary: Fury on the Battlefield! important

Concluding the celebrations, we are rolling out with a yet another rare vehicle, this time straight from the big screen!

Light Tanks Revision: China

A breakdown of changes coming to the Chinese LT branch, with more details on top-tier newcomers.

UPDATE: Clan Wars Season Five Prolonged

The current season on the Global Map has been extended.

Wargaming Store: Save on new Italeri model kits

Collectors! Are you hungry for more tank model kits to add to your collection? We are happy to introduce more quality tank model kits to the Wargaming Store range.

Nation Spotlight: Sweden important

This weekend we are focusing on Sweden - regardless which tech branch you follow, enjoy some nice discounts and bonuses!

Premium Shop: The Vault of Wonders important

Check out this week's offer in the Premium Shop!

WGLEU Promotion Matches

As usual, the Gold series next season will welcome new faces promoted from Silver. Be the first to watch them play!

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