The ELC EVEN 90 is one of, if not the, smallest vehicle in World of Tanks. Of course, this comes with advantages and disadvantages, which we're going to explain below. Also note that it's asymmetrical – the turret is shifted to the left (from the Commander's perspective). 


Let's begin with the most prominent feature of this French light tank, the size. It's so small that it boasts one of the highest camouflage values in the entire game, and even most tank destroyers can't keep up with the ELC EVEN 90 in that regard. As a downside of being that tiny, the survivability is the lowest of its tier and is pretty much on the same level as Tier VII light tanks. Avoid getting shot at all costs; after 2 or 3 hits, it's game over. 

If you get detected while spotting for your team, use your speed to make it near impossible for the enemy to hit you, especially at mid/long range. Of course, this all applies to open maps and spaces, so let's check out what to do if you get stuck on Himmelsdorf or any other enclosed maps.

As it's a French light tank, the ELC EVEN 90 is equipped with an autoloader, in this case with a 3-round clip. While it deals similar damage as the Bat.-Chât. 12 t, it doesn't need to expose itself as long for that. The reload time of the magazine however, is extremely long; you definitely need to make every shot count. Combine this with long aiming time, and you'll either have to aim longer or need to get very close to the enemy. When engaging enemies in close combat, always have an escape route at hand when your clip is empty

Try using hills to your advantage, the gun depression is good enough to hide your hull and expose only your very small and flat turret, which makes it a difficult target to hit.


Scout setup Support Setup

For the ELC EVEN 90, we have two recommended setups available for you to choose from, which pretty much only differs in either going for Coated Optics if you want to focus on scouting the enemy or an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive if you really want to hit as many of your shots as possible. 

Crew Skills


Obviously, the Camouflage skill is the very first one you should go for, as completing it will give an incredible boost to this vehicle's camouflage value. To be in line with the skills used for other French light tanks that are more focussing on firepower, Off-Road Master/Smooth Ride and Snap Shot will make a small but noticeable difference. Of course, Brothers in Arms is good for an added bonus to the combat characteristics.