T-54 First Prototype

This Soviet machine can be best described as a mix of two different vehicles. If you combine the turret of the T-44 with the hull of the T-54, you'll have the T-54 First Prototype. Of course, this both bring advantages and drawbacks, meaning that what might work with a normal medium tank may not necessarily work with this tank and vice versa. Read more below and find out how to tame this beast!


The T-54 First Prototype's strong hull is able with withstand a lot of fire, especially from other medium tanks. This allows you to play aggressively – keep pushing forward while the enemy struggles to punch through your armour. Additionally, the strong side armour can be used for side-scraping, if the situation allows it. The turret can take some punishment as well, but it's far from impenetrable – don't rely too much on it. If your turret takes a hit, it's likely that your ammo rack will get damaged.

If you have some teammates behind you, and if there's a good chance of you being able to defeat the enemy, take the initiative and attack first. Thanks to your strong armour, you have a much higher chance to deflect incoming shots and survive the attack.

All this armour comes at a price, of course – in this case, it's the mobility. This tank still gets to positions fast enough, but compared to other Soviet medium tanks it has lower top speed and has difficulties keeping up. Because of your armour, the lower mobility isn't that big of a deal. You don't have to resort to flanking manoeuvres, just attack frontally.

In general, the T-54 First Prototype is made for close-combat, and its characteristics reflect that. The gun's accuracy is decent, but won't hit anything reliably at long distance. However, in brawls it's good enough to hit weak spots, and the good stabilization makes sure that you won't have to aim endlessly. As usual for Soviet vehicles, the gun depression isn't that great, so keep this in mind when you are about to attack.


Recommended setup

Since you'll be battling up close with the enemy, it's best to maximise your damage per minute and stabilization – in brawls, making each and every shot count is vital in getting the upper hand.

Crew Skills


Despite the different gameplay of the T-54 First Prototype, the choice of crew skills is the same as for all medium tanks, especially Soviet ones. With that in mind, this tank is a great choice to train your crew members from other Soviet medium tanks.