The Jagdpanther at Tier VII brings some significant improvements in most aspects and quite a few things have changed compared to the Jagdpanzer IV. Higher mobility and a more powerful gun are just a couple of them. Let's see what else this German tank destroyer has to offer.

Keep in mind that this tank has five crew members now (new Radio Operator) compared to four previously.


As the name already suggests, the Jagdpanther is based on the Panther's chassis, which means that the profile increases by a large margin to the detriment of the camouflage value. Sadly, the armour did not improve that much, only the gun mantlet can deflect incoming fire once in a while. However, you can still either play as a sniper or an aggressive support vehicle, especially due to the far, far superior mobility compared to the previous tank destroyers.

Its main improvement is the 10.5 cm Pak L/52, which offers the best combination of all Tier VII tank destroyers. Good damage per shot, great accuracy and aiming time, quick rate of fire – you can rest assured that this 105 mm gun will do its job just fine. With the Jagdpanther, you now can take a more active role from time to time. The improved damage per shot and the good amount of HP allow you to seriously cripple other medium tanks in a fight.

  • Sniper: On an open or mixed map, you'll find it easy to play as a sniper, capable of hitting enemies reliably over long distances. With the set of equipment below, you'll both increase the chance of spotting enemy tanks early and not being spotted yourself.
  • Assault gun: In city or closed maps where you cannot act as a sniper, go with your medium tanks. Depending on your position in the team you can either push the enemy yourself or support the team, as those are easier to damage than heavy tanks.


Sniper setup Assault Setup

Depending on your preferred play style, you either want to go for a Camouflage Net for a better camouflage value or an Improved Ventilation in case you want to improve a vehicle's characteristics in general as opposed to just one aspect. The Tank Gun Rammer and Binocular Telescope are both recommended as those will prove useful in most situations.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

Even though the Jagdpanther is not as stealthy as the previous tank destroyers, going for the Camouflage skill will still increase the camouflage value significantly. However, if you like to play this vehicle more aggressively, you might want to consider going for Repair instead, especially because both the Jagdpanther II and Ferdinand will benefit greatly from this skill.