Super Conqueror

At the very top of the British heavy tank branch, you'll find the Super Conqueror. The name itself basically says everything you need to know about this vehicle – it's a supercharged Conqueror! If you've already enjoyed playing the Tier IX Brit, this one will blow your mind for sure!


The Super Conqueror looks quite similar to the Conqueror at Tier IX, however, don't be fooled by its armour layout. In terms of armour thickness, it saw some significant improvements – a thicker side and reinforced spaced armour on the upper front. Side-scraping now becomes a viable strategy to a certain degree. Still, the main focus should be on hull-down tactics because of the strong turret and excellent gun depression.

The lower frontal plate is still the main weak spot and fairly easy to penetrate. Another problem is that the ammo rack is exactly there, so we strongly advise you hiding it whenever you can.

As the Super Conqueror is a pretty versatile vehicle, it can be used in many different situations successfully. If you want to attack or defend, you have the armour and the firepower to do so. However, keep faster vehicles at a distance as they can circle your vehicle easily. You can also engage in long-range fights, thanks to your splendid accuracy. That's one of the reasons this top-tier Brit is so much fun to play; you aren't limited to just one role.

Taken from the previous vehicle, the 120 mm L1A1 gun has seen some major upgrades in terms of rate and fire and reliability, making this gun an absolute joy to use. However, those were the only improvements. When facing other Tier X opponents, your damage per shot isn't that impressive. Avoid trading shots if you can and blast them multiple times while they reload – make your damage per minute count.



This set of equipment aims to not only maximise your potential damage per minute but also that your shots land where they should. Some of you might prefer a bigger boost in view range for long-range encounters. In that case, replace the Improved Ventilation with Coated Optics.

Crew Skills


The choice of crew skills hasn't changed from the Caernarvon and Conqueror. Repair has top priority but because of the weak ammo rack, going for Safe Stowage first might be a good move. Later on, Brothers in Arms will give the same bonuses as the Improved Ventilation, which is always useful.