Blazing around the battlefield, the LTTB continues the legacy of Soviet light tanks: great speed, a small profile, and bouncy armour. With an impressive gun, it's not limited to spotting other vehicles but can be also used as a support tank that will be a pain for the enemy team to deal with.


Normally, conventional light tanks aren't really about armour, but we feel like we should mention that the LTTB comes with a higher survivability potential than its same-tier counterparts. Obviously, this does not mean that this vehicle is suited for close combat but the angled armour will lead to bounces here and there, especially from other light tanks. This extra protection will come in handy, should you be forced to engage in fights.

Let's have a closer look at the characteristics typical for light tanks:

  • View range: Rather average for its tier. Mount Coated Optics (see below) to increase the view range to an acceptable level.
  • Mobility: The LTTB accelerates and turns super fast, which makes active spotting a good choice. Watch out though, as careless driving may cause it to flip over.
  • Concealment: Also average. Improve this with the Camouflage skill (see below). This in combination with better view range will help you spot enemy vehicles more comfortably.
Be wary of this tank's silhouette, it's slim but long. To reduce the chance of getting hit when running around the battlefield, show your rear (or front) to where the fire is coming from.

In terms of armament, the LTTB certainly doesn't need to hide – the 85 mm can be amazing if used correctly. It's not one outstanding trait but the overall "package" making the gun so effective: high rate of fire, good aiming speed, as well as decent damage and penetration. 

This vehicle relies heavily on your skill and your ability to adapt to different situations. You'll need to know when to spot or fight, and the longer you contribute and survive, the higher your value is going to be. In the late stage of each battle, that's your time to shine.


Recommended setup

Since the LTTB's armament is pretty decent, the Tank Gun Rammer and the Vertical Stabilizer will guarantee an even higher performance. The Coated Optics balance out the mediocre view range, so spotting other tanks won't require you to get too close to the opponent.

Crew Skills


For the LTTB (and the following vehicles), both the Camouflage and the Repair skill and absolutely crucial, but it's on you to decide if you would like to go for Camouflage or Repair first. Afterwards, other skills/perks will increase the gun's reliability and lower the chance of your ammo rack getting damaged. Having a highly skilled crew will pay off even more for this tank line.