StuG III Ausf. G

The StuG III Ausf. G (Sturmgeschütz) at Tier V is one of the most famous tank destroyers in World War II. In the game, it has a similar reputation, thanks to its good qualities – decent mobility, great armament and amazing camouflage value. Read on below to see what the StuG is capable of!


Let's start off with something that the StuG is not famed for, its armour layout. As it's based on the Pz.Kpfw. III chassis one tier lower, the hull armour won't protect you from incoming fire. The gun mantlet is a bit tougher, but you shouldn't count on that either. The best method how to protect yourself is not getting hit in the first place. How? Simple, don't get spotted!

The StuG relies fully on its camouflage value, which is why we strongly advise you to improve this parameter with the respective crew skills, equipment, and even camouflage paint if you wish to add it as well. Use the good mobility to get to your sniping positions quickly or change flanks if you're needed elsewhere.

If you want to maximise your camouflage value, hide at least 15 metres behind a bush (until it's no longer transparent). When you shoot the enemy now, the camouflage value provided by the foliage no longer disappears, but you need to rely on your team to keep them spotted.

In terms of armament, the StuG III Ausf. G may have two guns to choose from. However, we'll concentrate on the 7,5 cm Pak 42 L/70 as it's the best choice, considering the StuG's long-distance support gameplay. A high rate of fire paired with great accuracy and penetration power makes it easy to shred other tanks to pieces and hit the weak spots of higher-tier vehicles. This allows you to stay far away with a very low chance of being spotted yourself. We don't recommend using the 10,5 cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 at all.


Recommended setup

This set of equipment increases both the potential damage per minute and the camouflage value. With the Binocular Telescope, you can spot enemy vehicles much, much earlier. Better view range combined with great camouflage value means that you can pick apart your opponents while they don't even see where it's coming from.

Crew Skills


As mentioned before, the Camouflage skill is a must for the StuG to unleash its potential as a stealthy tank destroyer. In case your crew is already that experienced, Brothers in Arms will boost pretty much every important parameter of the vehicle.