The AMX 65 t is the first vehicle of the alternative French heavy tank line that focuses more on armour, survivability and damage per shot instead of mobility and burst damage. It will slowly introduce you to what you can expect at Tier IX and X but of course, there are a couple of differences you need to pay attention to.


Let's start off first with what seems to be the main trait of this tank line, the armour. The AMX 65 t is quite large but the hull armour is not that strong, it only gets better at Tier IX. It can be difficult to hide the most vulnerable parts but it also allows you to shoot weak spots on top of other tanks more easily. The turret can take more punishment unless you get hit in the rangefinder. Peek-a-boo is strongly recommended, as it lowers the chance of getting hit there.

There are a couple of other characteristics you need to pay attention to. The gun depression angle may look decent at first, but remember that a tall vehicle doesn't benefit from that as much as a smaller one does. Also, don't get fooled by its power-to-weight ratio. It only goes fast on hard terrain but on medium and soft terrain, it will struggle.

You'll have the choice between two different guns, a 100 and a 120 mm gun, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • 100 mm SA47: If a better rate of fire and better accuracy are what you want, this is the gun to go for. It also has a higher penetration value, which helps greatly against heavily armoured targets. However, the aiming time is extraordinarily high and the damage per minute is rather low. Usable at any range, despite the downsides.
  • 120 mm D.1023: This one has got way more punch, and even the reload time is decent. The penetration power is a bit lower though, and the accuracy is rather mediocre. The best choice for close combat and peek-a-boo.
Some players also prefer mounting the first turret because it's better armoured and its weak spots are smaller. However, remember that you cannot mount the 120 mm gun, and you'll sacrifice rate of fire, aiming time and HP for this.


Recommended setup

This setup is recommended for both the 100 and 120 mm guns as they both benefit greatly from higher damage per minute, aiming speed, and stabilisation. 

Crew Skills

Radio operator

The choice of crew skills is pretty consistent throughout the branch. Repair is required for a close-combat vehicle. The driver's second skill is Off-Road Master as it makes a noticeable difference when going on medium/soft terrain, alternatively, you can go for Smooth Ride if you don't mind the lower mobility.