The T92 (not to be confused with the T92 HMC) is an American light tank prototype with a rather futuristic look. Compared to the M41 Bulldog, it plays like a conventional light tank with a focus on scouting, both passively and actively. It possesses all the necessary characteristics to fulfil this role easily, but there's more to discover!


With the T92's flat hull, you can bet that the camouflage value is just superb – go with the crew skills and equipment below, and you get even more out of it. This makes it easier for you to scout enemy vehicles with a lower risk of getting yourself seen. Thanks to the higher-than-average view range, it's fairly easy to detect your opponents very early on; even against other light tanks, you're likely to spot them way earlier.

There might be faster vehicles out there, but the T92 isn't limited to hiding in the bushes and blitzes around the battlefield. Combining good acceleration, top speed and traverse speed, it gets to positions in time, and can easily out-manoeuvre heavy tanks and tank destroyers if necessary.

Watch out for the engine and fuel tank, as these are prone to damage and can set your vehicle on fire when you get hit frontally.

Let's take a look at its armament, the 76 mm gun, which is also mounted on the M41 Bulldog. The damage per minute is decent, balancing out the low damage per shot. This helps you to defend yourself against other vehicles, and will be of good use should you have to take a fire support role. In terms of accuracy, it's alright, but don't expect to hit much at longer distances. Just like pretty much every American vehicle in the game, it also features amazing gun depression angles, making it easily for you to hide most of your vehicle behind terrain, showing only your small turret.


Recommended setup

While the focus is obviously on the scouting role, don't forget that you still have a functional main gun. This set of equipment maximises the damage per minute, the view range, and other characteristics. We do not recommend the Vertical Stabilizer because its bonuses don't fit into the scout gameplay of this vehicle.

Crew Skills


Aside from the Sixth Sense perk, which is a must-have for scouts, the Camouflage skill helps keep you concealed and harder to spot for enemy vehicles. Designated Target keeps the enemy spotted for a bit longer, as long as you keep your aim on them, which can be crucial in some situations. Of course, Brothers in Arms gives a general boost to pretty much all combat parameters – an always welcome bonus!