Cromwell B

Aside from being part of the Berlin tanks, having a unique camouflage, looks, and obviously the benefits of a Premium vehicle, the Cromwell B doesn't really differ from the original one in the tech tree. Its gameplay is fast and fun, which is why it's highly appreciated by many players. Learn more about it below, and enjoy!


The Cromwell B is a fairly unique vehicle and doesn't exactly play like a normal British medium tank, but more like a light-medium. This is because of three decisive factors: outstanding speed, thin armour, and good firepower. Because of its mobility, you are able to use this tank either for aggressive flanking manoeuvres, including circling the enemy, or spotting actively for your team – it always depends on the situation. 

While the Cromwell is strong against slower vehicles, you shouldn't be overconfident and rush the enemy team in an attempt to get as many shots in as possible; this will only send you back to your garage without having achieved much or anything at all. Such an attack needs to be planned in advance and requires an opportunistic mindset. Make sure that your victim is alone, and that you are able to take some damage in return if you can't approach them from their sides.

In the early minutes of the battle, pick some shots here and there, and see where you can execute your next attack.

Let's check the 75 mm gun. The combination of damage, rate of fire, and penetration allow you to penetrate the sides of pretty much any heavily armoured vehicle you meet and is just as strong against medium and thin-armoured tanks. The only real setbacks are the accuracy and low shell velocity; sniping won't work well. This is why the Cromwell B needs to be played aggressively.


Recommended setup

With this set of equipment, you can both flank enemy vehicles, or spot them if needed. Thanks to the Cromwell B's speed, taking the role of a light tank is an easy task and can be of great help to your team in dire situations.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

For the Cromwell B, one of the most crucial skills is Repair. Because of its role as a flanker, it relies a lot on its speed and rate of fire, and having your tracks blown off can end your battle very, very quickly. If you think the Cromwell B is also fast enough on terrain, you can also replace Off-Road Master with Smooth Ride, which increases the chance of you hitting the enemy on the move.