Lorraine 40 t

The Lorraine 40 t has quite an eventful past. It was introduced initially as a Tier VIII medium tank, which was then lifted to Tier IX. Some time ago, it was replaced by the Bat.-Chât. 25 t AP, before coming back to the game as a Tier VIII Premium medium tank, with the same gameplay but slightly altered parameters. Let's take a look at what this vehicle has to offer, shall we?


At first glance, you will notice that this vehicle is quite large for a medium tank. However, size doesn't always affect speed – the Lorraine 40 t is surprisingly fast and capable of outrunning many other medium tanks. This speed allows you to relocate to a safe spot to reload. Looking at the thin armour paired with the big profile, you'll quickly realise that this vehicle is not meant to lead the charge, but is rather a support vehicle.

The gun parameters give you a hint as to why the Lorraine 40 t is indeed a second line support vehicle and not a sniper. The chances are rather low that you will hit anything reliably over 300 metres away, so we advise you to get close to the enemy and put some holes in their tanks that way. As with any tank with an autoloading system, the reload time per shot in the clip is very short, but the magazine itself takes quite a while to reload. Think ahead and plan your escape route in advance so you're not caught while on reload.

It's a big help if you know the approximate reload times of your enemies. A common, yet dangerous mistake, is getting greedy and trying to desperately make the last shot(s) count when the odds are against you. Do not do this! You will most likely take more damage than you're going to do to the enemy. It's often better to retreat and reload, then come back with a full clip.



Recommended setup

As with most vehicles with an autoloading system, this vehicle cannot be equipped with a Tank Gun Rammer. However, to minimise the chance of missing shots, you should go for this set of equipment as it will make it easier to aim and hit the enemy vehicle.

Crew Skills


Even though the Lorraine 40 t is such a large vehicle, the crew only consists of three members. The same applies to the Bat.-Chât. 25 t AP and Bat.-Chât. 25 t. The choice of skills focuses on gun reliability. The first skill should always be Repair – you do not want to get caught with your tracks down, especially when you need to reload your magazine. With 'Brothers in Arms', you improve your gun parameters, which is always of great use.