Object 140

The Object 140 marks the end of the Soviet medium tank line, next to the T-62A. The play style is similar to the T-54, but the Object 140 feels slightly different, but an improvement nonetheless. If you already liked the T-54, the Object 140 is definitely a tank to look forward to.


Compared to the previous vehicle (T-54), the hull armour does not receive any noticeable upgrade. The armour is not as thick any more, but its slope was increased, which means the effective thickness is about the same. Also, the chance of ricocheting shells is higher. Keep in mind that the weak ammo rack, typical for Soviet vehicles, is still present. The turret became a bit stronger, too. There are also slight improvements to its mobility.

Thanks to its flat silhouette and strong turret, the Object 140 can use so-called 'side-hugging' tactics. This means that you stick to the side of a larger vehicle, being able to shoot its side reliably, while the opponent can at most shoot your turret.

Just like the previous vehicles, the Object 140 has a 100mm gun, which might have packed a punch on Tier VIII or IX, but on Tier X it's the lowest damage per shot. In return, the rate of fire, accuracy, aiming time, and stabilization are absolutely great – you can reliably hit enemy tanks while on the move. Don't let your enemy retreat behind cover, as you depend on your high damage per minute. As with most other Tier X medium tanks, this one has APCR shells by default, and HEAT as Premium ammunition. 

While the gun depression is better than the T-54s, you still need to position yourself carefully most of the time, else you risk showing too much of your vehicle and receiving unnecessary damage.


Recommended setup

To maximise the firepower and reliability of your 100 mm gun, we advise you use the set of equipment above. Yes, you can replace the Improved Ventilation with Coated Optics if you want, but think about if you need additional view range more than a general boost to a majority of your parameters.

Crew Skills


A similar choice of crew skills for all Soviet medium tanks, and the Object 140 is no exception. The first and second column of crew skills are crucial for this tank, as they improve the most important characteristics and counter its weaknesses. While Safe Stowage is selected as second perk in the table, you can also make it your first if you feel like the ammo rack is too weak.