Object 430

Coming from the T-44, the Object 430 is one of the two vehicles that will introduce you to a different playstyle than you might be used to when playing Soviet medium tanks. Instead of high damage per minute, this and the next vehicle of this line will focus more on armour and damage per shot. Let's roll!


Soviet medium tanks with a high-calibre gun are not a common sight on the battlefield. Usually, the focus is on damage per minute thanks to their high rate of fire and good accuracy. The Object 430 however, has a 122 mm gun mounted that still fires fairly quickly considering its damage per shot, but the accuracy is more on par with Soviet heavy tanks. Obviously, you can forget about sniping other tanks.

In terms of armour, this vehicle is about as strong as the T-54. The frontal plate is nicely sloped, which will help you bounce enemy shots. There is one spot that you will have to pay attention to, which is located on the left and right part above the upper frontal plate. It is normally in an "auto-bounce"-angle (over 70°), however, it's only 40 mm thick, so it can be outmatched by every calibre above 120 mm. Take that into account when fighting vehicles with high-calibre guns.

The turret is about as strong as you would expect from a Soviet vehicle. Still, you need to keep in mind that the cupolas on top are weak points that can be easily penetrated. When you find yourself in a skirmish against other vehicles, keep your tank in motion to lower the chance of getting hit there. On top of that, the Object 430 trades its mobility for that extra protection, so it will feel sluggish compared to other Soviets.

In conclusion: This tank is made for close-combat, because of the decent armour, low accuracy, and higher-than-usual aiming time. The high penetration value allows you to punch even through thicker armour. Trade shots with weaker enemies and use your damage per minute against high-damage tanks.


Recommended Setup

What is similar to the conventional Soviet medium tanks is the choice of equipment, aiming to increase both the rate of fire and your gun's reliability. If the aiming time is a major problem for you, consider replacing the Improved Ventilation with an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

Crew Skills


A standard choice of crew skills, nothing out of the ordinary. Actually, a higher skilled crew will benefit you even more in this case because of the inaccurate gun – the more skills/perks you have, the more you counter this weakness.