Object 705A

Following the Object 705 on Tier IX, the top-tier tank brings several improvements to the table. Compared to the previous vehicle, the looks have barely changed, making you feel "home" the moment you go into your first battle with it.


Even though the looks and armour layout may not have changed, the frontal armour thickness increased significantly. While both frontal plates are now thicker, the lower part continues to be the main weak spot. If possible, hide it from your enemies and only show your tough upper plate. The side armour layout carried on from the Object 705 as well, but it barely saw any improvements. 

The upper part became slightly thicker, making it a tad more difficult to penetrate there, but the lower side is still extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. You still must be careful when you side-scrape and not expose too much of the weak sides. However, if you side-scrape correctly, you'll only show the upper, stronger part as it's more on the outside than the weak zone. When attacking, driving in a zig-zag pattern will increase your effective armour thickness and your chance to bounce enemy shots.

Since the Object 705A is born for frontline battle, you might want to try "face-hugging" as well. Face-hugging is basically ramming another vehicle and sticking to it at all costs. This will make it near impossible for the enemy tank to shoot your vulnerable lower plate while you can easily blast them. This tactic works best if there aren't many other opponents around, as those could easily get to your sides.

What makes this top-tier tank really dangerous is its 152 mm M-51 gun. This one features damage that almost rivals tank destroyers and has good penetration values as well. The accuracy didn't really improve though, and the aiming time is still high. Hitting distant or moving targets is like winning a lottery, which is why you need to stick to close-combat, where the Object 705A excels. Because of the damage, trading shots is very effective against most other heavy tanks.


Recommended setup

As aforementioned, the gun accuracy is very low, so it makes more sense to make the gun as reliable as possible. Additionally, as with every high-damage gun, the reload time is quite long, so a Tank Gun Rammer will prove to be very useful.

Crew Skills


Standard choice of crew skills. All of these will both increase your gun performance and survivability. Of course, having a more experienced crew will be more beneficial and all of these skills and perks above make a noticeable difference due to the tank's characteristics.