Prototipo Standard B

The Prototipo Standard B looks similar to the German Leopard 1 but combines this with the Italian tank building school. Whoever likes the Leopard’s gameplay already will surely find a great new option with the Italian version, featuring a powerful autoreloader.


If you’ve already played the P.44 Pantera, you know that the Italians are not about the armour. Same goes for the Prototipo Standard B. Neither the hull nor or turret will protect you from any incoming enemy fire, which makes it clear that you should not lead the charge. The mobility, however, is top-notch, and it allows you to switch flanks easily. It will also help you flee from tricky situations more often than not. Always have an escape route ready if your clip is empty.

The Cannone da 105 Rh V1 is about as strong as the conventional medium tank guns of that tier. It also has comparable combat parameters as the 105 mm gun of the Leopard Prototyp A. Good accuracy, decent damage per shot but high reload time. Since the Prototipo Standard B is a high-tier Italian medium tank, it comes with the autoreloader feature, allowing you to either play as a normal tank or an autoloader if the need arises.

Use uneven terrain to your advantage. Thanks to the superb gun depression, you are able to hide behind hills easily, showing only your turret. Don’t expose yourself for too long, as it can’t really deflect any shots.

If you want to use the autoreloader correctly, you shouldn't waste the entire clip on the first target you see. You are flexible enough to use it if the situation requires it but it’s all about the perfect timing. Play as a normal medium tank at first, and use the 3-round clip to take out one or multiple vehicles. Just make sure you can afford to hide for a while until the magazine has been refilled.


Recommended setup Alternative Setup

There are two equipment setups for this vehicle. Depending on if you prefer having a general boost to most characteristics of the Prototipo Standard B or a big plus to view range, either go for the Improved Ventilation or Coated Optics. Both setups include the Tank Gun Rammer and the Vertical Stabilizer to improve both your reload time and dispersion values.

Crew Skills


A fairly normal choice of crew skills. Of course, Repair should be taught first. The second column will improve your survivability and the dispersion slightly. Brothers in Arms will top it all off, with a similar bonus to the crew as the Improved Ventilation.