Jagdpanther II

At Tier VIII, there are two German tank destroyers to choose from: the Ferdinand with stronger armour and higher survivability, and the Jagdpanther II, a versatile and mobile tank destroyer. Compared to the Jagdpanther and earlier vehicles, this tank no longer counts on camouflage value. Instead, it can be described as a medium tank/tank destroyer hybrid.


The Jagdpanther II is based on the Panther II's chassis, and while it's an improvement to the Jagdpanther, the hull itself doesn't take much punishment either. However, the superstructure on top of it is both thick-armoured and sloped, meaning that it's way easier to withstand incoming fire. Try to hide your hull behind cover and only show your superstructure. While it's not invincible, you will be surprised how much can bounce off.

Because the superstructure is on top of the chassis instead of being integrated at the front, the Jagdpanther II became much taller than the previous vehicle, which obviously results in worse camouflage values. Luckily, the mobility is good enough that you are able to keep up with other medium tanks. Considering all these changes and new characteristics, you now need to play a much more active role on the field. Go with your medium tanks to a flank, surprise the enemy, and destroy them with your superior gun.

Always have someone cover your back. Even though the Jagdpanther II is mobile, other vehicles can easily blow your tracks off and get to your vulnerable sides. Alternatively, try to keep some distance between you and the enemy.

After mounting the final researchable gun, the 12.8 cm Pak 44 L/55, you'll see a massive improvement to the armament for this vehicle. The gun is effective against most tanks it meets, even higher-tier ones, with a high damage per shot and rate of fire. If needed, you can also play defensively on any range. As mentioned before, hide your hull and snipe your targets reliably at any range, thanks to your good accuracy.


Recommended Setup

With this set of equipment, you mainly increase the rate of fire and the view range. While the Jagdpanther II might not be a very stealthy vehicle, it should be at least able to spot other tanks on its own; a Binocular Telescope will help you with that, which is especially useful when hiding behind a bush waiting for targets to pop up.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

As mentioned before, the Jagdpanther II is no longer about stealth and ambushes, but active and aggressive gameplay. When going with your medium tanks, for example, Repair is a must-have. The last thing you want is to be circled by other tanks with your tracks blown off – without a turret, you end up like a bug on its back.