The FCM 50 t is known for being a medium tank in a heavy's clothing. Despite its classification and especially the size, it moves quickly around the battlefield. All in all, it's an amazing support vehicle. The icing on the cake is the preferential matchmaking, which prevents you from seeing Tier X vehicles, unless you play in a platoon with vehicles that have normal matchmaking.


Let's get straight to the point of why the FCM 50 t is considered a medium-heavy hybrid tank. Even though it's classified as a heavy, the mobility, armour, armament, and other parameters are usually the ones of a medium tank. This French vehicle has an extremely powerful engine under the hood, enabling you to keep the pace with other medium tanks easily.

Because of the high speed and weight, the FCM 50 t is a great choice for ramming attacks.

In terms of armour, it doesn't boast the toughest. However, against medium tanks it will still prove useful to you. The turret front is also able to withstand enemy fire, thanks to the well-armoured gun mantlet. Apart from that, the FCM 50 t doesn't provide much protection, but don't worry: even if the enemy penetrates your vehicle, you can always count on your large HP pool. 

Its 90 mm gun doesn't punch the biggest holes, but reliability-wise this gun is definitely top-notch. Additionally, the penetration value is quite high, and both the accuracy and aiming time are decent, which allows you to support your team just fine. If you use the FCM 50 t as a heavy tank, always try to shoot twice while taking one shot in return. Because of the low damage and reload time, you can normally shoot the enemy twice while they reload. That way, you will most likely come out on top in such encounters.


Recommended setup

This set of equipment will improve the firepower and reliability of the 90 mm gun, next to improving most characteristics in general, thanks to the Improved Ventilation. Despite the high base view range of the FCM 50 t, Coated Optics are not recommended for this vehicle, as this piece of equipment is way too situationally used, hence not worth mounting.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

A fairly common choice of crew skills and perks. Because of the versatility of the FCM 50 t, the skills and perks displayed above are aimed to improve the most important characteristics of this vehicle.