WZ-120-1G FT

"One can only master its weapon through extensive study and practice."

The WZ-120-1G FT was introduced in Update 9.20 together with the Chinese tank destroyer line. It is based on the WZ-120 (Type 59) chassis and carries a powerful and quick-firing 122mm gun. From its looks and characteristics, it is similar to the Soviet SU-122-44. However, this Chinese tank has some aces up its sleeve.


With a vehicle that flat, you can bet that the standard camouflage value is quite high – improve this even further with crew skills (and equipment if you want) to make this vehicle a good choice for ambushes. Also, the sloped frontal armour provides good protection, but pay attention to the lower frontal plate, which is a weak spot.

Thanks to the strong engine, the WZ-120-1G FT moves as fast as a medium tank, and we want to mention the great top speed (backwards) that allows you to retreat into cover quickly after shooting. As long as you don't get your tracks destroyed, any enemy will have a hard time getting to your vulnerable sides.

In terms of firepower it certainly doesn't need to hide – the gun is similar to the WZ-120's, but boasts better parameters and depression angle, allowing you to peak over small hills without exposing too much of your tank. While the damage per shot might not be highest, the rate of fire is indeed quite impressive. Couple this with a decent accuracy and aim time, and you'll get a both reliable and enjoyable damage dealer.

If you play aggressively, you'll fare best against slow-firing vehicles; use your high damage per minute to defeat them. Watch out for quick-firing vehicles, those can destroy your tracks easily, leaving you immobilised and vulnerable.



Because of this vehicle's versatility, we have two recommended setups, depending on how you play this vehicle. The first will significantly boost your view range, which encourages a slightly more static and opportunist gameplay, while the latter is the best choice if you don't plan on sitting back but making medium and light tanks' lives more difficult.

Crew Skills


The recommended crew skills compliment the strengths of the WZ-120-1G FT, especially the great camouflage value. However, if you prefer to play this tank aggressively, consider switching the Camouflage skill with Repair – in the end, you don't want to get caught with your tracks down, right?