Welcome to our guide for the Pudel (from the German for 'poodle'), the very first vehicle in the Polish tech tree. Based on the German Panther Ausf. G, it carries over all of the original vehicle's characteristics, which makes it a must-have for both Polish and German tank enthusiasts. If you always wanted the original Panther without the Schmalturm turret while still being competitive in its tier, you can't miss adding the Pudel to your tank collection!


In short, the Pudel plays somewhat like a stock Panther on Tier VI. It has the typical 7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L/70 that is available for all Tier VI German medium tanks. One of its stand-out features is its amazing rate of fire, paired with great accuracy. However, keep in mind you should fully aim before taking a shot, as snap shots will most likely miss if you're not very close to the enemy vehicle. Also, do not trade shots with other tanks! Only attack if you can shoot at least twice before they have reloaded or backed into cover. Always try to deal more damage than you receive.

While the engine power and therefore the acceleration isn't that high compared to similar medium tanks, the top speed is decent. Keep this in mind when you try to climb hills. On the upside, once you reach the top, you can effectively ram other vehicles with its heavy weight and aforementioned good top speed. You can deal considerable damage that way, even to higher tier light and medium tanks. 

The Pudel's hull, which is the same as the Panther's, will protect you reliably from same-tier vehicles if you angle it correctly. We don't recommend brawling with heavy tanks, though. Focus on medium tanks instead, and pluck their HP away with your high rate of fire. Try to hide your vehicle behind hills and rocks. The turret armour is not that reliable, and while the gun depression is acceptable, you still need to position yourself carefully to avoid showing too much of your vehicle.

Remember: The less you show of your vehicle, the more difficult it is for the enemy to hit and/or damage you.


Recommended setup

With this equipment you'll be aiming to increase the damage per minute, plus other parameters such as the view range, which will help you spot enemy vehicles earlier. Alternatively, if you prefer having a better aim time, go for an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive instead.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

This is a fairly common choice of crew skills, with the goal of reducing the repair time of your most crucial modules, such as your tracks. The skills in the second row will reduce the impact of this vehicle's weaknesses, for example the sluggish acceleration, and the Brothers in Arms perk gives a general boost to all parameters.