The Jagdtiger was classified as the strongest tank destroyer of WWII. What makes it stand out from other tank destroyers is that it has even higher survivability than most heavy tanks, something very unusual for this class. Check out what else this beast can do!

If you researched the Jagdtiger from the Jagdpanther II, you'll need an additional Loader.


The Jagdtiger's hull is based on the Tiger II, and while it provided decent protection at Tier VIII, one tier higher it doesn't help as much any more. Additionally, the transmission is located at the front, and while a hit might not set this tank on fire, it's likely to damage the engine, so watch out for that. The real deal is the frontal superstructure, which is very difficult to penetrate. Plan ahead in terms of where you want to go, as the Jagdtiger is sluggish and doesn't allow for changing flanks later on.

Thanks to the high survivability, you aren't limited to playing like a sniper. Quite the contrary; we recommend you play it somewhat like a turretless heavy tank, especially because your camouflage value is close to non-existent. When attacking, you need to use your great HP pool to vanquish the enemy. In case you need to defend, make it as hard as possible for the other team to defeat you by hiding your hull and showing only your most-armoured parts.

You are able to take a lot of punishment and return the favour with your improved 12.8 cm Pak L/66 gun that has a better accuracy and damage compared to the Ferdinand and Jagdpanther II. Depending on the tank you face, it's either better to trade shots or try to use the better rate of fire. Make the opponent play by your rules!

The enemy shoots faster than you? Shoot and reload in safe cover. Do they deal higher damage per shot? Their reload time is most likely longer, and you may try shooting them twice while they reload.


Recommended Setup

The Tank Gun Rammer and Improved Ventilation will reduce the reload time, which is useful in any situation but especially in close combat. Since the Jagdtiger is still a tank destroyer after all, mounting a Binocular Telescope will definitely come in handy when having to spot your own targets to shoot at. 

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

Just like the previous vehicles, the Repair skill is crucial for the Jagdtiger to fix your tracks more quickly if they get destroyed. Brothers in Arms gives a small bonus to most of the vehicle's characteristics, similar to an Improved Ventilation.