T34 & T34 B

The T34 is one of the oldest vehicles, yet it's always been a very capable tank that should never be underestimated. How is that possible? For one it has an extremely tough turret, paired with strong armament and great gun depression, making this vehicle a great choice for hull-down tactics. Let's take a closer look at the T34 (and T34 B), shall we?


Just like pretty much any American vehicle, the T34's main strengths are the tough turret and amazing gun depression. Let's start with the first – it may be near impossible to penetrate the turret from the front, but when peaking over a ridge or a hill, it's crucial you make sure that opponents cannot hit the turret sides. Only the front and back sides have strong armour, the sides themselves are rather weak, and the turret's huge size make them an easy target, so watch out!

The hull armour in general is not that great, frontally it may bounce some incoming shots because of the angle, but you really shouldn't count on it. The sides and rear are close to paper-thin, so always try to keep them safe. Armament-wise, it brings a powerful 120 mm gun, dealing high damage with great penetration power. This allows you to damage most enemy vehicles frontally without any problems. The accuracy is decent too, but it'll take some time to fully close the aim circle.

As mentioned before, use your strong turret and great gun depression to dish out damage and take none in return.

The T34 is a sluggish vehicle; the acceleration, top speed, traverse speed, and turret traverse speed are low. Fast vehicles will circle you easily. Keep them at distance! Also, at the start of the battle you will have to decide to which flank you want to go. You will not be able to change flanks afterwards, and even going back to the base to defend will take a lot of time. In this situation, it always helps to check the minimap regularly to see if another flank is collapsing.


Recommended setup

This equipment is perfect to counter all the T34's weaknesses. With better reload time, stabilization, and aiming time, the 120 mm gun becomes way more effective in battle, which helps you rack up more damage consistently.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator  

With a crew of six, you have a huge choice between different skills and perks. Nonetheless, the most important ones are still Repair and Brothers in Arms, while the ones in the third column improve different characteristics.