At the end of the Soviet light tank branch, the T-100 LT awaits, bringing similar advantages and disadvantages to the table as its predecessors. It feels and plays like a natural advancement from the T-54 ltwt., so if you liked its playstyle, this vehicle will be a joy!


Boasting an amazing power-to-weight ratio, you can rest assured that the T-100 LT will be bolting as fast as lightning across the battlefield. The immense power under the hood isn't because of a very strong engine.

Having a look at the relatively strong frontal and turret armour would suggest otherwise, however, this vehicle is very light. We strongly recommend not ramming any vehicles, even light tanks, as you'll rarely (if ever) come out on top.

Because of your low view range, you will have to use your speed and excellent camouflage value to spot actively (or passively, to a certain extent). Luckily, the flat silhouette makes you a difficult target, so keep moving to stay alive. You can also try and "side-hug" (sticking your side to the enemy's) other vehicles. Most of them will not have enough gun depression to hit you. However, pay attention to where you're driving, as even small hills might make you flip over or crash.

Let's have a look at the armament, the 100mm gun. What you'll notice first is the atrocious accuracy of the gun. It's obvious that sniping will not work at all, but the insanely good stabilisation allows hitting enemies on low to medium distances reliably, even on the move. The low damage per shot is balanced out with a decent rate of fire. Also, the standard ammunition type is APCR with a high shell velocity, using auto-aim while rushing over the field definitely works.

The T-100 LT is a light-medium tank, both capable of scouting and supporting. Switch between those roles depending on the flow of the battle, and you will be a fearsome foe for the opposing team – if they can spot you.


Recommended setup

Just like the previous vehicles of this tank line, the T-100 LT needs to be flexible enough to both spot and support with fire. The suggested equipment above will make sure that you can fulfil both these roles the best possible.

Crew Skills


To further enhance the T-100 LT's strengths and to compliment the choice of equipment above, having both Camouflage (for scouting) and Repair (for combat) will be of great use. Should you have an extremely experienced crew, go for Brothers in Arms for your fourth skill/perk.