Panzer 58 Mutz

The Panzer 58 Mutz originates from Switzerland and is now fighting on the German side. However, while it has some similarities, it also comes with a lot of differences compared to the usual German medium tank. Its gameplay can probably be best described as a German-American support tank, but let's have a closer look!


Neither German nor American mid-to-high tier vehicles are really famed for their thick hull armour and the Mutz is not an exception. Instead of relying on thick armour, this tank comes with quite a lot of bouncy angles, which can save your Mutz once in a while. The turret itself isn't that strong either but is nicely rounded – just like the hull – and can deflect incoming shots once in a while.

When engaging in a firefight, always assume that the enemy will penetrate your armour. This makes it easier to calculate if your damage dealt outweighs your damage taken. So if you bounce an enemy shot, it can be only a pleasant surprise.

It has a 90 mm gun mounted with great penetration power, which allows you to damage even more heavily armoured vehicles. In combination with the good accuracy, you will have no issue punishing enemy vehicles from any distance. The damage and rate of fire are nothing special, so when pushing aggressively, it's always good to have the approximate reload time of your opponents in mind.

However, here's how to make the Mutz work best: thanks to its outstanding gun depression angles and rather small, rounded turret, you can hide your hull behind terrain and pick on enemy vehicles while they struggle to hit or damage your turret. The good gun stabilisation helps you to snap shoot – no need to aim and expose your tank.


Recommended setup

The standard set of equipment for medium tanks that aim for higher damage per minute and gun reliability. Since the Panzer 58 can also hit enemies effectively at longer distances, you can also replace the Improved Ventilation with Coated Optics, which makes it easier for you to spot other tanks that are further away.

Crew Skills


Also a standard choice of crew skills. The skills and perks above will prove useful in many situations in battle. Some will save you from destruction more often than you'd think, and others permanently improve your tank's combat parameters.