Once at the Caernarvon, the British heavy tank design goes in a completely different direction. No longer is the focus on tough armour all-around and low-calibre guns, but on strong turret armour and more powerful armament.


Coming from the Black Prince, this Tier VIII vehicle isn't even remotely close to its predecessor. The biggest change has been in terms of armour: instead of tough but badly sloped armour everywhere, the Caernarvon features strong armour where it matters the most. The toughest spots are now the frontal turret armour and the upper frontal plate. Everything else is easy to penetrate, though.

One of the major weaknesses of the Caernarvon is the weak ammo rack, which is at the lower front. We strongly advise you to keep it hidden at all costs.

Another significant improvement is the mobility, which might still not be that impressive, but at least it allows you to keep up with other heavy tanks, unlike the Churchill-based ones. Another interesting trait is the outstanding view range, with which you are able to easily spot other vehicles at longer distances.

It's equipped with a 32-pounder gun, and while the damage per shot is below average, the rate of fire is absolutely astounding! Thanks to this, you are able to shoot the enemy twice or even three times before they have reloaded. In combination with good accuracy and aiming time, it's fairly easy to take out any opponent if they're exposed long enough.

Try "perma-tracking" the enemy. If your target shows you their side too much, shoot their first track wheel. Chances are high that you'll destroy their tracks and deal damage. Keep firing at that spot as their tracks will most likely not repair fast enough, leaving them at your mercy.



To maximise your damage per minute and make sure most of the shots hit the centre of your reticle, the recommended setup will be of great help. Both the reload time and dispersion factors will be reduced, while the Improved Ventilation grants you a useful bonus to several characteristics. If you prefer a higher view range, go for Coated Optics instead of an Improved Ventilation.

Crew Skills


A standard choice of crew skills with Repair being the first to choose. However, because of the Caernarvon's weak ammo rack, you may want to learn Safe Stowage first – it will also come in handy with later vehicles as they suffer from the same downside.