VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher

The Mauerbrecher is a German Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with similar gameplay to the Maus line, so it's the perfect vehicle to train crews while also earning a ton of credits. All in all, it's a very easy tank to drive, yet there are a couple of things you should consider. Read more below!


While the Mauerbrecher's gameplay is similar to the Mäuschen and Maus, the main difference is the frontally-mounted turret, which comes with advantages and of course, disadvantages. On the one hand, side-scraping is less effective, but on the other hand, peek-a-boo works much better as you don't need to expose your entire vehicle to peek out and shoot.

Decide where you want to go during the countdown. Later on, you won't have the chance to change flanks anymore with your very limited mobility. 

Its main strength, obviously, is its superior survivability and the ultra-thick armour on both the hull and the turret. However, frontally there are three main weak spots that you need to hide from your enemies:

  • Lower frontal plate: The largest weak spot but also the easiest to hide. When pushing the enemy, make sure to not drive straight forward, but angled. This increases the effective armour thickness and consequently the chance of deflecting incoming shots.
  • Machine gun port: The smallest but also easiest to penetrate. Again, try angling your vehicle. Even if there's always a small spot where it can be penetrated easily, at least it makes it harder to hit.
  • Commander's cupola: Both weak and rather easy to hit, depending on yours and your enemy's position. Either try to stand on the higher ground or use some cover to your right, if there's any (also works with the machine gun port; both are on the right side).

The 12.8 cm gun dishes out massive damage compared to same-tier vehicles but the reload time is rather long too. This means that you need to trade shots with your opponents, and thanks to the Mauerbrecher's size it's also easy to hit other vehicles' cupolas. Avoid being exposed while you reload; always keep some distance between you and the other tanks.


Recommended setup

This set of equipment will help you improve all important parameters of your gun; the reload time, aiming time, and gun stabilisation. All this increases your potential damage output, which earns you plenty of those juicy credits!

Crew Skills

Radio Operator
1st Loader

The Mauerbrecher has a crew of six, just like the higher-tier vehicles of the Maus line and the E 100. Of course, Repair is one of the most important skills for your tank, especially when your tracks get destroyed. Other skills and perks will come in handy in different situations as well.