The T-54 is one of the most famous combat vehicles in the world (of tanks), and quite a common sight in this game as well. If you're currently playing this vehicle or about to start, check some of our gameplay tips before you roll out!


Compared to the T-44, this Tier IX Soviet received a massive hull armour upgrade, and while you're obviously not supposed to brawl with heavy tanks, the frontal hull armour is quite effective against light and other medium tanks. The turret armour improved as well and is now rounded, increasing the chances of a bouncing shot.

Thanks to its flat silhouette and strong turret, the T-54 can use so-called 'side-hugging' tactics. This means that you stick to the side of a larger vehicle, being able to shoot its side reliably, while the opponent can at most shoot your turret.

Just like with its predecessor, the T-54 comes with two gun choices:

  • 100 mm D-54: The choice for those who like a reliable gun. This gun has a better penetration value, accuracy, and aiming time. While you are still not a sniper, you can hit and damage enemies reliably in close and mid-range combat. The reload time, however, is rather high for the damage it deals.
  • 100 mm D-10T2S: Go for this gun if damage per minute is the most important to you. For such a high rate of fire you'll sacrifice accuracy, aiming time, and some penetration value (excluding HEAT shells). If you like to play aggressively in close quarters, where accuracy doesn't matter as much, you'll fare better with this one.
Keep the T-54's mediocre gun depression in mind! While the turret is very sturdy, you need to pay more attention to your positioning, otherwise you either can't shoot back, or expose your hull.


Recommended setup

No matter which of the 100 mm guns you'll choose, neither of them are accurate enough to reliably hit enemy vehicles over long distances. Hence it makes more sense to install an Improved Ventilation instead of Coated Optics to get a bit more out of the guns you use.

Crew Skills


Very standard choice of crew skills, especially for Soviet tanks. While Sixth Sense and Repair are crucial for most vehicles in the game, Soviet mediums benefit more from Snap Shot, Smooth Ride, and Safe Stowage. If you think that your ammo rack is too prone to damage, it makes sense to learn Safe Stowage as the first perk. Brothers in Arms always comes in handy with its wide variety of bonuses.