STG & STG Guard

Introduced as part of the Russian Tankers Day celebrations, the Tier VIII medium tanks STG and STG Guard (with the custom camouflage) are definitely not your usual Soviet tanks. While a rear-mounted turret and a 122mm gun are nothing special at first, you should not underestimate how many possibilities you'll have with this combination.


The STG might look somewhat like an Object 416, but other than the looks they don't have much in common. For one, the rear-mounted turret of the STG is fully rotatable, and the turret armour is very strong frontally. Despite its flat silhouette, the gun depression value is more than acceptable, and helps you hide your hull behind terrain while dishing out the damage

Hide your hull as much as possible; it can barely withstand any incoming fire, plus the engine is at the front and can be damaged/destroyed easily.

The mobility is okay, but you won't be the first to get into position most of the time, and you'll have a hard time circling someone else's vehicle if it's not a sluggish behemoth like a VK 100.01 (P). However, the base camouflage value of the STG is quite high, allowing you to change flanks or positions with only a low chance of getting spotted, as long as you don't shoot.

Now for the part that makes the STG such a joy to play: the unique 122mm gun. The superb accuracy allows you to hit enemies easily from any distance, but make sure to fully aim if you can. Keep in mind that with such a long reload time, every miss hurts, so you definitely want to make each shot count. The damage per minute is very low, so don't brawl with enemy tanks, unless you have enough cover to reload safely.



Two setups are recommended for you: the first aims for maximum gun reliability, because as mentioned before, you want to make sure that each of your shells hits the enemy. However, if you're completely fine with the aim time as it is, you'll do good to mount Coated Optics to spot enemy vehicles earlier. In the end, the gun is accurate enough to reliably hit from any distance.

Crew Skills


A very standard set of crew skills. Repair is crucial for a medium tank, as you don't want to find yourself in a tricky situation with your tracks blown off, or else your turret might be next. If your crew already has three skills and perks, you might want to try the Camouflage as your fourth skill. As mentioned before, the base camouflage value is high, so increasing it even further allows you to sneak up to enemy tanks with ease!