With the T-44, you are just one step away from the iconic T-54. It truly feels and plays like a prototype of the Tier IX Soviet, so you can already practice its play style while you climb up the tech tree. Its Premium version, the T-44-100, offers pretty much the same gameplay, if you choose to go for the 100 mm LB-1.


The armour layout is typically Soviet – a sloped front and a strong turret. The hull itself can't withstand much punishment, unless you're fighting lower tier vehicles, but the turret can bounce a lot of shots. Higher calibre guns however, will punch through it easily, and penetrating hits will often result in a damaged or even destroyed ammo rack. Increase the chance of a ricochet by moving back and forth slightly, and make it difficult for the enemy to aim properly.

Once you've researched all crucial modules, you'll have the choice between two top guns – the 100 mm LB-1, and the 122 mm D-25-44 – each with a different play style.

  • 100 mm LB-1: Most effective in close-to-mid range, rather weak on long-range. Decent damage, rate of fire, and penetration value. This is the gun to go for if you prefer the usual medium tank gameplay.
  • 122 mm D-25-44: High damage per shot, at the cost of other parameters. The rate of fire, aiming time, and accuracy are rather bad, so you need to be close to the enemy to hit. Always have enough cover to reload before you deliver another punch. If you manage to trade shots with the enemy, you are very likely to come out on top, but if you get caught out while reloading, you're gonna have a bad time.


setup For THE 100 MM LB-1 SETUP FOR THE 122 MM D-25-44

The Gun Rammer and the Vertical Stabilizer improve the reliability and rate of fire for both guns. Because of the 122 mm gun's bad aiming time, we recommend you mount an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. As for the 100 mm gun, an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive is not required, go for the Improved Ventilation instead.

Coated Optics are not recommended! The T-44 is made for mid-to-close-range combat, and there are many other vehicles able to fulfill the spotting role much more efficiently.

Crew Skills


A fairly common choice of crew skills. As with most vehicles, the Repair skill is one of the highest priorities, together with Sixth Sense. While Safe Stowage is selected as second perk in the table, you can also make it your first if you feel like the ammo rack is too weak. Snap Shot, Smooth Ride, and Brothers in Arms aim to improve your gun's parameters, increasing your chance to land a hit.