Rheinmetall Skorpion & Skorpion G

Greetings, commander!

The Rheinmetall Skorpion G is a German Tier VIII tank destroyer and a popular Premium tank among players. It combines high firepower, a mobile Panther-based platform and a turret, making it very versatile for its class. It allows you to either play as a pure tank destroyer that supports and defends allies from long distances, or as an aggressive support vehicle. You will be most successful with this vehicle if you know when to switch between both of these roles.


As mentioned before, the Skorpion G can be used in different situations, thanks to its distinctive characteristics. When playing as a conventional tank destroyer, keep in mind that the standard camouflage value of the Skorpion G is not that great because of its size, and needs to be improved with the respective equipment and crew skills. Because it has a turret, traversing it doesn't increase the dispersion as much as when driving comparable tank destroyers as those have to turn their hulls as well.

Let's take a quick look at the 12,8 cm gun:

  • Amazing accuracy
  • Good single-shot damage
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Mediocre vertical angles
  • Great aim time

Taking all those points in account, the gun is well-suited both for sniping and shooting weak spots in close range. Just watch out for the aforementioned elevation and depression angles, as those force you to reveal a large part of your vehicle, which makes you an easy target.

Position yourself favourably, so you can drive back into cover quickly and not expose your vehicle for too long. Even though the Skorpion G is based on the Panther chassis, the armour is far weaker and doesn't protect you from any enemy fire. HE shells have a high chance of penetrating your vehicle for massive damage, damaged modules, and injured crew members.

The best protection we can recommend is avoiding getting hit; in tight areas you should use peek-a-boo tactics. Before attacking in direct combat, always ask yourself: "Will I deal more damage than I am going to take?" If the answer is no, consider changing positions.

Its speed is on par with medium tanks. However, watch out for the lower traverse speed – if you get too close to a fast enemy vehicle, the chances are high that you'll get circled and flanked. Always keep some distance between you and them so you can go back to cover and reload without taking any more unnecessary damage.


Ambush setup Aggressive support setup

While the ambush setup is incredibly helpful on open maps, the aggressive support setup will give you the edge in mid to close-range combat. Of course you can add any equipment pieces you like, but we recommend using either our compiled set or your own combination of these above for potentially higher performance.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

The standard camouflage value needs to be improved with the Camouflage skill, but if you prefer playing aggressively, it makes more sense having Repair trained instead. The other skills will improve the overall performance of the vehicle.