Primo Victoria


The Primo Victoria is one of the first vehicles in World of Tanks with a unique and individual design, this time from our collaboration with the Swedish power metal band Sabaton. While the vehicle comes with a myriad of unique features, the tank itself is based on the Strv 81, the Swedish version of the Centurion. While the gameplay of both is quite similar, there are some minor differences that we will highlight throughout the guide.


As the Centurion vehicles are famed for their flat and bouncy turrets, it's no different for the Primo Victoria. If you're able to only show the turret front, any incoming fire will most likely bounce. What you need to keep in mind though, is that your hull is quite large and not well-armoured, so be careful when peeking over hilltops. When firing at enemies in such a position, try to move back and forth slightly – chances are high the enemy ricochets off your turret. As well as this, this tank's mobility allows you to go anywhere quickly, even despite its size.

Of course, the gun is almost the same as the Centurion's. The damage per shot is one of the lowest of its tier, which is balanced out with a high penetration value, good reload time, and great accuracy. What you need to keep in mind though, is that despite this, you still need to aim these shots carefully, as snap shots are definitely not among the Primo Victoria's strong points.

Even though the hit chance of snap shots is low, we still encourage you to give it a try and shoot if the enemy is about to disappear behind any cover that you cannot reach from your position. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

A significant difference is that the standard ammunition is APCR, not AP shells, which fly way faster. This trait is demonstrating the tank's role as a formidable sniper, that is especially effective against moving targets. Premium ammunition is APCR as well, but with a higher penetration value. 

Another strong point worth mentioning is the view range, enabling you to spot the enemy very early on. We strongly advise you to improve this characteristic with equipment and crew skills. In battle, lure unspotted enemies into shooting your tough turret, which will instantly get them spotted and (hopefully) shot by you and your team.



There are two different setups we recommend for the Primo Victoria, the first being maximising the view range with the effect with which you can spot vehicles even better than before – this results in potentially higher assist damage by spotting. The second setup aims for a general performance boost without focusing too much on view range. Go for that if your playstyle is more aggressive.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

As the Primo Victoria comes with Band of Brothers by default, it obviously takes the first slot. The skills after that will take care of your modules, especially the tracks, which will be repaired quicker. The skills and perks in the third column will compensate for the weak points of the vehicle.