AMX M4 mle. 51

After you've finished the AMX 65 t and researched the AMX M4 mle. 51, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It feels like a massive upgrade from the previous vehicle with many weaknesses having been improved. Here's our breakdown on how to play this French Tier IX heavy tank.


Unlike the previous tank, the AMX M4 mle. 51 boasts great frontal armour, capable of deflecting most shots the enemy will fire at you. A major downside is that you cannot angle it in any way as your sides are too thin; side-scraping is not an option. The turret has become much tougher as well, and while there are still cupolas as weak spots, they are much smaller and harder to hit now. What hasn't changed though, is the size; this French heavy is a large target. 

Another improvement is the mobility. Even though the power-to-weight ratio has decreased slightly, you will notice a big boost in acceleration on any terrain. While you cannot fully keep up with medium tanks because of the mediocre top speed, you'll leave most other heavy tanks behind. Use it to get to important positions first or deny the opposing team their strategic positions.

Just like the AMX 65 t, you have two guns to choose from, each with their own up and downsides:

  • 120 mm D.1203 A: Features better penetration, aiming time, accuracy, and rate of fire at the cost of damage per shot. The best choice if you want to deal damage more reliably. Avoid trading shots and try to shoot twice while the enemy reloads.
  • 127 mm/54 model 1948: Slightly inferior in many aspects but comes with a higher damage per shot. Ideally used in close combat and if you prefer trading shots. Can struggle sometimes against super heavy tanks but highly effective against others.

For both guns, the damage per minute is about the same, so it's on you to decide if you want a harder punch or faster reload time. We recommend you play like a conventional heavy tank despite its good mobility. As mentioned before, your size is massive, this in combination with average view range can very much be your downfall in long-range battles. Make the enemy play by your rules – up close and personal.


Recommended setup

All three pieces of equipment above are valid for both the 120 and 127 mm gun, mainly increasing the stabilisation and potential damage per minute.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

Basically, the crew skills and perks are the same as the AMX M4 mle. 49 or the AMX 65 t with the exception of using Smooth Ride instead of Off-Road Master for the latter, as driving on soft or medium terrain isn't an issue any more.