Object 430U

The Object 430U is the final vehicle of its line, and just like its predecessor, it's a medium tank made for brawling. Most of the gameplay-related features carry on from the Object 430 on Tier IX, but there are a couple of differences we want to highlight.


Compared to the other Soviet top-tier medium tanks, this one boasts much higher survivability, not just because of the higher HP pool but also its stronger armour. The armour layout changes quite a bit – now the armour thickness of the upper and lower frontal plates isn't the same anymore. While the upper plate is now extremely tough, the lower part becomes the main weak spot. Hide it at all cost, as even lower-tier opponents can easily penetrate it.

The side armour saw improvement as well, so it can be used for side-scraping to an extent, and the turret armour allows you to deflect enemy shots reliably – even your cupolas have become tougher and no longer count as weak spots. What hasn't changed, however, is the mobility. You still can't quite keep up with other medium tanks; some might even be able to circle you. The Object 430U feels and plays like a fast heavy tank and its characteristics underline this. When fighting other medium tanks you must avoid them getting to your sides.

The 122 mm gun is pretty powerful and deals a good amount of damage per shot, more than most medium tanks you'll face, in fact. The reload time is higher in return and you would lose against most of them in terms of damage per minute. To ensure that you'll emerge victorious, trade shots with them, rendering their reload time advantage useless. Against heavy tanks, you'll fare much better using your damage per minute as their damage per shot and (consequently) reload time is higher.

Just like the Object 430, the 122 mm gun is not suitable for long-range fights; you need to get close to the enemy to make your shots count.


Recommended Setup

The recommended set of equipment is the same as the previous vehicle's, aiming to increase both the rate of fire and your gun's reliability. The only exception is that we don't recommend using an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive here – the Improved Ventilation offers more and better bonuses overall.

Crew Skills


A standard choice of crew skills, nothing out of the ordinary. Actually, a higher skilled crew will benefit you even more in this case because of the inaccurate gun – the more skills/perks you have, the more you counter this weakness.