T26E5 & Patriot

Welcome, commander, to the guide for the T26E5 and T26E5 Patriot, two American Premium vehicles that enjoy high popularity among players. You might be a little curious as to why this is the case, and of course, this guide is meant to answer this question, right alongside 'how do I play this thing?' Let's jump right in!


When taking a look at this vehicle, one distinct feature is the 90mm gun, making many wonder 'how is this a good gun?' It is true, the single-shot damage might be one of the lowest in its tier. However, there are many other aspects you shouldn't forget about. If you take a look at its superb accuracy, aim time, stabilization, rate of fire etc., you'll quickly notice that this is actually quite a capable gun.

In battles you are at the top of the team list, so feel free to brawl with other heavy tanks, but do not trade shots with other vehicles. If you find yourself in this situation, only engage if you are 100% certain the enemy cannot penetrate your vehicle while you put some holes into theirs. In the best case scenario, you are close enough to the enemy that he can't hide behind cover to reload. Use your superior rate of fire to damage the enemy two or three times while you take one shot. If you do it right, you'll dish out more damage than you receive – sounds like a good deal, right?

In some battles you will have to fight against Tier IX or Tier X vehicles. During the countdown, check the team list for higher-tier heavy tanks. If there are too many (let's say three or more), we strongly encourage you to go with your medium tanks. The mobility of the T26E5 and T26E5 Patriot is good enough to not be left behind. Most of the time you'll be fighting in hilly terrain anyway, where you can hide your hull and only show your turret, the most armoured part of your vehicle. The frontal hull armour is also able to reflect some incoming fire, and you can use the side armour to side-scrape, but only against lower-tier vehicles.


Recommended setup

As you can see, the equipment is aimed to improve the strengths of this vehicle, maximising its reliability and damage potential.

Crew Skills

Radio operator

This is a fairly common choice of crew skills, with the goal of reducing the repair time of your most crucial modules, such as your tracks. Other skills will improve the reliability of your gun or decrease the chance of critical ammo rack damage, and Brothers in Arms will boost the training level of your crew and consequently most of your vehicle's parameters.