AMX Canon d'assaut 105

The AMX Canon d'assaut 105 (or AMX Cda 105) is a fresh addition to the French arsenal, and plays differently than the Foch line. This is because of the armour layout, the small size, and the absence of the autoloader. However, with its own set of characteristics, this machine will be your opponents' nightmare!


Most French vehicles are known to be quite mobile, and this is no different to the AMX Cda 105, capable of blitzing through the battlefield with very good acceleration and top speed. The hull traverse speed is decent too, which helps you protect yourself if fast enemy vehicles are coming uncomfortably close.

In comparison to the Foch line, the armour thickness is not as strong. The AMX Cda 105 can be easily penetrated in the front, below its gun. The part above can actually bounce quite a few incoming shots, because it's both sloped horizontally and vertically. Keep that in mind if you are forced to fight close-up.

Because of the acute frontal plate, try to use your gun depression and peek over small hills. This can increase the chance of ricochets greatly (except against HEAT shells).

If you're not a friend of risky tactics and gambling with your armour, then take advantage of its amazing camouflage value. It is high enough to allow you to relocate easily without getting spotted. Another big plus is the great view range; if you know how to use bushes properly, you can even spot and shoot enemies without getting detected in return.

The 105mm gun's characteristics aren't comparable to any French, but more to a German gun. Outstanding accuracy and aiming time ensure you can take shots quickly and not waste time on taking aim. However, this comes at a price: the reload speed and damage per minute are rather low.



Because of the AMX Cda 105's flexibility, multiple sets of equipment can work on this vehicle. While the first suggests a more flexible and perhaps riskier play style, the second setup encourages opportunistic gameplay with improvements to the already amazing camouflage value. Both have the Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer because of the high reload time, and the Binocular Telescope to get the most out of the view range.

Crew Skills


Of course, for a long-range support vehicle like the AMX Cda 105, the Sixth Sense perk and the Camouflage skill have the highest priority. The second and third set of skills and perks improve many other important parameters as well. 

The skill Snap Shot also applies to the gun traverse of non-turreted vehicles, with the exception of certain Swedish tank destroyers with a gun traverse angle of 0°.