T-54 ltwt.

Following the LTTB at Tier VIII, the T-54 lightweight comes with similar advantages and drawbacks. As its name suggests, this vehicle is based on the T-54 medium tank but sacrifices some armour and firepower for a great increase in speed.


If you've played the T-54 before, you can surely imagine that the T-54 ltwt. plays somewhat like a light-medium tank hybrid. You need to find the right balance between spotting and supporting your teammates to get the most out of the T-54 lightweight. Of course, the armour is not strong enough to deflect many shots, but the angled hull and especially the turret will cause some lucky bounces once in a while. Ramming other light tanks is a good idea as the T-54 ltwt. is pretty heavy for its class.

What about other parameters?

  • View range:  The view range isn't too impressive but still usable. Coated Optics are required though, to increase it to a good level. 
  • Mobility: Compared to the T-54, the acceleration, top speed and traverse speed are all vastly superior. Watch the road, it's easy to flip this tank.
  • Concealment: While the LTTB suffered in this category because of its height, the T-54 ltwt. is much flatter and therefore benefits from a high camouflage value, keeping the chance of getting spotted low.

Its 100 mm gun overall performs greatly: the rate of fire is pretty high, so you're able to shoot many opponents twice before they reload, and the penetration value is on a similar level to medium tanks. It also fires APCR shells by default, which fly much faster over the field than AP, HEAT, or HE shells. Pay attention to the mediocre aiming time and accuracy though – sniping doesn't work too well so you need to get closer to your targets.


Recommended setup

For the highest level of flexibility, both your gun's performance and view range need to be as high as possible. While the Tank Gun Rammer and Vertical Stabilizer help you dish out damage faster and more consistently, the Coated Optics increase your view range for more effective spotting.

Crew Skills


Just like the preceding and following vehicle, having a highly skilled crew is a huge advantage. Due to the flexibility of the T-54 ltwt., having both Camouflage and Repair is critical for this tank, as the first is required for a better performance in terms of spotting stealthily, whereas Repair gives you the edge in combat.