Progetto M40 mod. 65

As the final vehicle of the Italian medium tank line, the Progetto M40 mod. 65. With similar gameplay to the previous vehicle, it's a natural upgrade from the Prototipo Standard B. Overall, it can be best described as a mix of a Leopard 1 and a Bat.-Chât. 25 t.


First things first, the armour is basically non-existent. Only the turret has some protection to offer but is also very easy to penetrate with a well-placed shot. It soon becomes pretty clear that you are not supposed to lead the charge. The only way to protect yourself is by using the great gun depression. Hide behind hills and terrain; show only a small fraction of your vehicle. Make it as hard as possible for the enemy to hit you.

As with the Tier VIII and IX tanks, the mobility is very good on this Italian top-tier tank. Changing flanks or escaping from enemies should be rather easy, but make sure to always have an escape route ready if things go south. 

The Progetto M40 mod. 65's gun comes with four rounds in the magazine. The damage is normal for a Tier X medium tank. Both the accuracy and aiming time are good enough to hit the target reliably. While the reload time per shot is rather high, don't forget about the autoreloader feature:

  • To make the Progetto M40 mod. 65 work, you need to find the best timing for your attack.
  • Play as a normal medium tank first but have the clip as an ace up your sleeve. Even without actually using it, other players will fear the very idea.
  • With four shots in the magazine, you can take two shots and still have enough in the clip to defend yourself.
  • As stated above, always have an escape route in case your magazine is empty. Stay a bit behind, so you can easily retreat into cover to reload.


Recommended setup Alternative Setup

There are two equipment setups for this vehicle. Depending on if you prefer having a general boost to most characteristics or a big plus on view range, either go for the Improved Ventilation or Coated Optics. Both setups include the Tank Gun Rammer and the Vertical Stabilizer to improve both your reload time and dispersion values.

Crew Skills


A fairly normal choice of crew skills. Of course, Repair should be taught first. The second column will improve your survivability and the dispersion slightly. Brothers in Arms will top it all off, with a similar bonus to the crew as the Improved Ventilation.