Map Guide: Mines

A high hill in the center of the map provides a perfect outpost for your attacks. A village to the north-east of the hill and an island to the west offer a wide range of tactical advantages but lay open to fire from the center.

Please note that this guide does not account for any map changes or adjustments made after Update 1.18 (August 2022). While it is generally applicable, some tips, tricks, and guidelines may no longer be accurate.


Watch the Map Guide video and read on to learn useful tips and strategies for every vehicle class, get insider tricks, and more.

Mines is a small summer battlefield available for all tiers. It is divided into three key areas: islands and fordable water to the west, a flat hilltop in the center, and a village to the east. Dominating the middle with its excellent firing positions is key, but support from the flanks can turn the battle around.

Map Overview

Interactive image. Hover the cursor over icons on the minimap to view additional information.

An excellent crossfire position to support allies in the middle and control the southwestern area of the map.

A nice vantage point to counter enemies advancing on the island while also supporting the middle.

Light Tanks
Medium Tanks
Heavy Tanks
Tank Destroyers
Self-Propelled Guns

Check the map above to see the most favorable positions for every class and points of interest to gain the upper hand.

  • King of the hill, king of the match: The hilltop in the center (around E6) offers fantastic spotting and firing positions for fast vehicles.
  • Hang back and let the battle unfold: Snipers and those with less armor should avoid hasty advancements. Let quick allies spot enemies and take them out from a distance.
  • Secure the ascend: Heavily armored vehicles should take a position at the foot of the hill to support conquering this critical area.
  • Open a second flank: Use the routes through the village (D9 and E9) or via the islands (E1 and H1/H2) to put on additional pressure.

Class Strategies

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • SPGs
  • The hilltop in the center of the map (around E6) is highly important, especially early in the match. Fast light tanks should immediately try to take the area for their team and spot enemies from higher ground.

  • Slower light tanks can also advance to the middle to ascend the hill but should have the support of medium or heavy tanks.

  • Positions on the island (E1 and H1/H2) are good for spotting but can be overrun by more powerful TDs.

  • Fast medium tanks should support team advancement in the center. Either take the hill with light tank allies or support the ascend from pockets at D4 and G4.

  • Well-armored medium tanks and those with high firepower can open up a second flank through the village in the west (D9 and E9) while their allies have control of the hill area.

  • Advance to the area around the foot of the hill (D5 to D7 and G5 to G7). It allows you to spot enemies atop while brawling with opponents along columns 5 and 7.

  • If your team doesn’t have control of the hill, support the advancement of slower light and medium tanks and take a position in the pockets around D4 and G4.

  • Powerful snipers and tank destroyers with weak armor should stay close to their base (around A4, J7, and K5) to provide fire support into the middle.

  • Taking positions on the islands at E1 and H1/H2 allows further supporting the middle, especially during the late game.

  • Take position in A1 and K9 to provide covering fire for allies fighting for the path up the hill at E5.

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