Default Tournament Rules

Important tips for newcomers

Vehicle restrictions

  • As a general rule, no specific vehicles are prohibited.
  • The use of premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed.
  • In case of any tank restrictions, they will be specifically mentioned in the rules.

Player & Team rules

  • Team captains must stay up to date on the rules of the tournament and relevant tournament topics on the forum. All captains and players are encouraged to write in the tournament section of the forum any question they may have.
  • The team captain is responsible for his team: only a team captain can make requests on behalf of his team on the forum. These requests include team status change, player change etc.
  • Team and player names must not violate the naming rules. Any team violating these rules will be disqualified. Highly offensive names may be further sanctioned with an in-game suspension.
  • Teams must keep all names alpha-numeric. Teams are not allowed to use special signs, unprintable words, or similar. All names have to be clearly readable. Teams breaking this rule may be disqualified without any warning.
  • Each player can only play for one team in a tournament, cup or championship.
  • Having another person participate in the tournament on one’s behalf is not allowed. Any team violating this rule will have their rewards removed.


  • Administrators resolve disputes.
  • The ruling of an Administrator is final.
  • The organiser reserves the right to modify the rules prior to or during the tournament while notifying the players via the official forum or a portal publication.
  • Complaints of violation of game rules are accepted only through the in-game reporting system.
  • In case of dispute, an admin will contact the team captains through the forum’s personal message system or in-game, depending on players availability.


  • In-game gold and other rewards are usually sent within a week (maximum two) after the tournament’s completion.
  • If your team is missing gold or any other rewards AFTER two weeks, you may report it on the forum by posting in the section of the specific tournament or contacting customer support.
  • All rewards are per player unless otherwise specified.
  • If two or more teams/players have the same amount of points, their ranking will be based on a head-to-head ratio.
  • Some tournaments don’t have a playoff stage after the round robin. In such cases, the reward is given based on the points accumulated.


  • Compensation will be awarded to participants in case of technical issues with the TMS (Tournament Management System) or the game server if it is not possible to continue a tournament.
  • Compensation will not be awarded automatically, each case will be reviewed separately. Follow the forum to get eventual updates.
  • Compensation will have a value of one Personal Reserve (+50% XP for 2 hours).

Reporting and replays

  • Replays must be recorded by the teams for all games, and provided if requested. If replays are required (i.e. to resolve disputes between teams), the details on where to send the files will be provided by the admins.
  • Replays may be uploaded to the World of Tanks Replays service for easy access.
  • In case of dispute, the team captains will be contacted via the forum and will have 72 hours to reply. Failure to reply or provide the replays may result in the cancellation of the victory and the removal of the prizes.
  • Any action that goes against the spirit of the game, such as battle rigging or other types of abuse of the game mechanics, may lead to disqualification and/or further in-game sanctions.


  • Tournament format, team size and battle length will be posted on each tournament page.
  • Before each tournament make sure to familiarise yourself with the news announcement and the rules in order to have all the information.
  • Ask admins anything you’re unsure of via the World of Tanks forum.