World of Tanks is home to one of the biggest competitive scenes, dedicated to pure tank combat, in the world. Numerous professional eSports teams and thousands of casual gamers battle their way up the ladders in various tournaments every week.

The tournaments for World of Tanks in Europe are primarily organized by Wargaming’s team of dedicated professionals, commonly referred to as the “eSports team” and the Electronics Sports League (ESL).

On top of all the regular activities stands the League. It is the key eSports arena, where all World of Tanks players equipped with proper tanks can participate to become champions of their own regions. If they manage to stay on top of the WGL in their own region, they can get a chance at participating in The Grand Finals and compete for the World Champion title.


eSports for you

There are countless reasons why everyone should participate in World of Tanks tournaments. Firstly, there is a great deal of World of Tanks prizes to be won: gold, tanks, premium time, and more. You can also win physical prizes such as headsets, mice, joysticks, and other valuable prizes.

eSports is the perfect field for those who want to be challenged and compete against world-class teams doing everything in their power to win. It’s the perfect place to learn and create new tactics, perfect your tank control and earn your black belt in situational awareness.


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All the necessary information on tournament participation can be found on the READ ME section of the tournament page, so we suggest you continue reading!


Good luck on your road to fame and fortune!