A Skirmish is a battle between your clan’s detachment and an enemy detachment on a neutral territory. The enemy and map are selected at random.

Every clan that participates in Skirmishes gets Industrial Resource depending on the outcome of the battle, with the winning side receiving a greater reward. Industrial Resource earned in Skirmishes is accumulated in the Stronghold Storage.

Skirmishes are available during certain periods of time. To view the schedule of upcoming battles, click (Battle schedule) to the right of the Clan Battles button in your Stronghold, or in the Stronghold: Battles window.

To engage in a Skirmish:

  1. Click Clan Battles.
  2. Click Create Detachment to form a detachment and become its Commander.
    To join an existing detachment, click Join Detachment.

You can also open the detachment list right from your Garage. Select Stronghold: Battles in the menu to the right of the Battle! button.

Selecting a Division

Before you form a detachment, select a division for the Skirmish.

The list of the divisions is displayed in the left part of the Mode Selection window.

  1. Information tooltip. Description of the mode.
  2. Mode status.
  3. List of divisions. Vehicle tiers, number of players in a detachment, duration of the battle, and maximum number of legionnaires.

You can participate in Skirmishes in one of three divisions. The division determines the vehicle tier, battle format, and the number of legionnaires in the detachment. Clans earn more Industrial Resource in higher-division Skirmishes.

  • Division VI
  • Division VIII
  • Division X
Division VI
Vehicle Tier VI
Battle Format 7×7
Min. Number of Players 7
Max. Number of Legionnaires 5
Battle Duration 10 minutes
Reward 150 
Division VIII
Vehicle Tier  VIII
Battle Format 10×10
Min. Number of Players 10
Max. Number of Legionnaires 8
Battle Duration 10 minutes
Reward 250 
Division X
Vehicle Tier  X
Battle Format  15×15
Min. Number of Players  15
Max. Number of Legionnaires  13
Battle Duration 10 minutes
Reward 1,000 

Preparing for the Skirmish

After you choose a division, the Skirmish window is displayed. Here you can form a detachment, enable Reserves, and confirm that you’re ready for battle.

  1. Information panel. Selected division and Skirmish status.
  2. Settings. Change the division or battle mode. If you change settings, your detachment is not affected.
  3. Detachment members, their status, rating, and selected vehicle.
     Detachment Commander
    Click Select Vehicle to choose the best vehicle for the Skirmish.
  4. Reserve slots (see Selecting Reserves).
  5. Chat Channel. Notifications and detachment chat.
  6. Battle! button. Click to confirm that you’re ready for the Skirmish and send your detachment into battle.

Forming a Detachment

Creating Your Own Detachment

To invite players to your detachment, click Invite Players in the Skirmish window. You can invite both members of your clan and random players (see Legionnaires).

To add the invited players to your detachment, drag them from the Volunteers list to the Detachment Members list.

To pass the Detachment Commander’s permissions to a member of your clan, right-click a player’s name and select Transfe Commander’s permissions.

To open your detachment to other players, click Display to Legionnaires.

Remember that the maximum number of legionnaires in the detachment depends on the division you’ve chosen.

Joining a Detachment

You can join a created detachment in two ways:

  • By choosing a detachment from the list in the Stronghold: Battles window.
    The detachment list contains:
    • Your clan’s detachments
    • Other clans’ open detachments. You can join them to engage in a Skirmish as a legionnaire.
  • By an invitation. Only clan members who have joined a detachment can send you an invitation.

Selecting Reserves

To gain an additional advantage in the Skirmish, use One-Time-Effect Reserves.

You can enable the following Reserves:

  • Airstrike or Artillery Strike
  • High-Capacity Transport

For more information see Using Reserves and Combat Reserves.

Course and Result of the Skirmish

When the detachment is formed and players are ready, the Detachment Commander sends the detachment into battle. The enemy detachment and map are selected at random, and the Skirmish begins. Teams fight a Standard battle.

When the Skirmish ends, its results are calculated. The clans get Industrial Resource, with the winner receiving a greater reward. The amount of Industrial Resource also depends on the Reserves you used. Remember that legionnaires get some of the earned Industrial Resource (see Legionnaire Reward).