Legionnaires are players who are members of other clans or don’t have a clan at all, and can be invited into a detachment for Skirmishes or Advances.

If you want to play with friends who are not in your clan, you can invite them to the detachment as legionnaires. Your clan can also fall back on legionnaires if it lacks clansmen to form a detachment. Moreover, if your clan is not engaged in battles at the moment, or you do not have a clan, you can become a legionnaire and join any open detachment.

Adding a Legionnaire to the Detachment

Any clan member who has joined a detachment can invite legionnaires into this detachment.

To invite a legionnaire:

  1. Click Invite Players in the Skirmish or Advance window.
  2. Drag the player to the field on the right.
  3. If the player is not on the list, search for the player. Enter a message and click Invite.

Invited legionnaires are added to the Volunteers list and displayed in a separate Legionnaires group. The personal ratings of legionnaires are displayed to the right of their names.

To add a legionnaire into your detachment, drag the player from the Volunteers list to the Detachment Members list. A special icon  marks legionnaires in the detachment.

Legionnaires can apply to join only open detachments. To open your detachment for legionnaires, click Display to legionnaires.

Only the Detachment Commander can open the detachment for legionnaires.

When legionnaires join the detachment, they can perform the same actions as any regular clansman: select a vehicle, confirm they are ready for battle, or leave the detachment. Legionnaires cannot, however, take command over the detachment.

The maximum number of legionnaires in the detachment is determined by the battle mode and division. For more information see Advances and Divisions.

Joining a Detachment as a Legionnaire

Whether you are a clan member or not, you can take part in other clans’ Skirmishes and Advances. As a legionnaire, you can join any open detachment.

To become a legionnaire:

  1. Click Clan Battles in your Stronghold. If you are not a clan member, go to the STRONGHOLD tab and click Find a Detachment.
    You can also open the detachment list right from your Garage. Select Stronghold: Battles in the menu to the right of the Battle! button.
  2. Choose a detachment. To the right, you can see the detachment members, their ratings, and vehicles.
  3. Click Join Detachment.

Your name is displayed in the Volunteers list. Wait till the Detachment Commander adds you to the detachment members. 

Legionnaire Reward

When you add legionnaires to your detachment, remember the special rules for their reward in battles.

  • All Industrial Resource earned in battles is distributed equally among all detachment members. But if a legionnaire fought in your detachment, this player gets half of a share, while the second half goes to your clan.

Example. Your detachment of 15 members has earned  1,500 , with each member getting a share of  100.
If there was one legionnaire, this player gets half of a share ( 50 ). Another half goes to your clan ( 50 ).
As a result, your clan earns  1,450.

  • The number of battles fought by the legionnaire is also counted.

Example. Your detachment of 15 members has earned  1,500 , with each member getting a share of  100.
If there was one legionnaire who played only half of the battles, this player gets a quarter of a share ( 25 ). The rest goes to your clan ( 25 ).
As a result, your clan earns  1,475.

  • Industrial Resource earned by legionnaires is credited to their clan’s Stronghold Storage. If legionnaires are not clansmen, their earned Industrial Resource is lost.