Victory Points


Victory Points

Points that allow players to advance on the Seasonal Leaderboards and the season rating on the Global Map.

Seasonal Leaderboards

A seasonal event featuring a series of military actions, which bring Victory Points to clans.

Season rating

Rating of clans for the current season on the Global Map.

Key Rules

On the Global Map, clans earn not only gold, Influence, Industrial Resource, and bonds, but also Victory Points. The purpose of earning Victory Points is to make it to the top of the rating of the most robust clans and get rewarded for that.

To get Victory Points, clans have to participate in battles and operations, capture provinces and ransack them, receive taxes from Minor Powers, attack enemy convoys, etc. (for more details, see Earning Victory Points). Clans that earned at least one Victory Point within a season are included in two ratings: the Seasonal Leaderboards and the season rating.

The Seasonal Leaderboards take place within a Front. If a clan plays on several Fronts, it is included in a leaderboard on each of them.

The Seasonal Leaderboards comprise several stages, each lasting one to two weeks. The position of a clan on a leaderboard at each stage depends on the number of Victory Points earned: the more points the clan gets, the higher its position. If a clan earns Victory Points on several Fronts, they determine the clan's position only on the leaderboard of the Front on which they were earned.

At the end of a stage, clans receive gold, bonds, or Industrial Resource as a reward. The types of rewards on different Fronts can vary depending on the season settings. After allocating rewards, the leaderboard is reset and a new stage begins.

To view the stage-by-stage leaderboard of the current season, click (Seasonal Leaderboards) at the top of the Global Map main screen. To learn more about the rules of the Seasonal Leaderboards, see Seasonal Leaderboards.

The Seasonal Leaderboards can be unavailable depending on the settings of the current season.

The season rating is formed separately for the Front of each level. If there are several Fronts of the same level, they share a common rating.

The season rating is not divided into stages and takes into account the Victory Points earned by a clan throughout the entire season. At the end of the season, all clans that took winning positions receive a reward. Rewards can vary from season to season.

Earning Victory Points

Clans can earn Victory Points in three ways:

  • By taking part in battles on the Global Map
  • By taking part in operations with a reward in Victory Points
  • By earning gold

Any of the ways to earn Victory Points can be unavailable depending on the season settings.

Earning Victory Points in Battles

Clans get Victory Points for any battle on the Global Map. Victory points are awarded for each battle fought, regardless of whether the clan won or lost.

The number of Victory Points per battle is calculated using the following formula:

VP is the number of Victory Points the clan earns for a battle.

VPbase is a parameter, the value of which depends on the Front level on which the clan plays (VI, VIII or X). The higher the level, the higher the value of the parameter.

BTc is a coefficient, the value of which depends on the type of battle the clan is taking part in. Three battle types determine the value of the coefficient: a battle for a landing province, a battle for landing in an auction or regular province, and a battle for owning a province. A battle between challengers in a tournament for a convoy attack is equivalent to a battle for landing in an auction or regular province, and a battle between a tournament winner and a convoy's defender is equivalent to a battle for owning a province.

Eloc is a coefficient which depends on the Elo rating of the opposing clan. The higher the rating, the higher the coefficient value.

Teamxp is the sum of experience points earned by the clan players in the battle.

Battlexp is the sum of experience points earned by the players of both clans in the battle.

ROUND_DOWN is a rounding function. If VP is a fractional number, then the result is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Experience points are the experience earned by players only for military actions, such as destroying enemy vehicles or capturing the enemy base. Additional experience points gained from Reserves, a Premium Account, a bonus for the first victory per day, etc. are not taken into account.

Earning Victory Points in Operations

Operations on the Global Map take place every season. For completing operations, clans earn gold, Influence or Victory Points. To view available operations, click (Clan Tasks) at the top of the Global Map main screen. If operations with a reward in Victory Points are not available in the current season, the clan can still earn them by participating in the operation with a reward in gold (for more details, see Earning Victory Points with Gold).

An operation consists of one or more tasks, such as destroying a certain number of enemy tanks, winning a battle for a province, or causing a certain amount of damage to the enemy. The amount of reward for each task is known immediately. Some tasks can be performed an unlimited number of times with a purpose to receive a reward for each completion.

For more information about operations, read Clan Tasks.

Earning Victory Points with Gold

If a clan earns gold on the Global Map, it can get Victory Points each time the gold is deposited in its Treasury.

The clan receives as many Victory Points as gold, minus taxes. For example, clan A received 1,000 as a tax from its Minor Power. At the same time, clan A is also a Minor Power and 20% of its income is transferred as tax to its Major Power. As a result of being taxed, clan A finally gets 800 and 800 Victory Points.

Victory Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • By capturing an income-generating province
  • By ransacking a province
  • By completing an operation with a reward in gold
  • By ransacking a tax convoy with gold
  • By receiving a tax convoy with gold
  • By being awarded gold for taking a winning position at a stage of the Seasonal Leaderboards
Victory points for received and ransacked convoys are taken into account only in the season rating.