Battle Time Shift


Prime Time

The time when battles for a province start. Each Front has several groups of provinces united by the same Prime Time. All actions in the province are suspended one hour before the Prime Time. Actions are available again after the battles end. A clan can only decrease the unrest level of its provinces and establish or relocate its Headquarters during this period.


A Global Map currency. Used to buy Divisions and modules, raise province income, take part in auctions, and pay for other actions. Clans can earn influence only by participating in Stronghold Skirmishes and in battles on the Global Map.

Key Rules

A clan owning several provinces on the Global Map may have to defend those provinces simultaneously. To allow the same clan members to take part in battles for two provinces within the same Prime Time, the clan can shift the battle time for one of the provinces. In this case, the battles will start 15 minutes later.

Only the province owner can shift the battle time. 

The following rules apply to the battle time shift:

  • The application can be submitted after the end of the battles and not later than three turns before the next Prime Time.
  • The application is processed three turns before the Prime Time. If the application has not been processed yet, it can be canceled.
  • A clan pays with influence to shift the battle time. If a clan cancels the application, the influence is returned to the Clan Treasury.
  • An unprocessed application is visible only to the province owner. After the application is processed, information about the battle time shift becomes available to all clans.
  • The battle time shift is only valid until the end of the next battles. To shift the battle time of the following day, the clan needs to submit a new application.

To submit an application for the battle time shift:

  1. Select one of your provinces on the Global Map.
  2. Click  (Shift Battle Time). A window with information about the battle start time opens.
  3. Click Shift Battle Time. The application is submitted.

The following clan officers can submit or cancel an application to shift the battle time:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Combat Officer

Balance Values

Cost of battle time shift 1,000
Battle time shift 15 minutes
Number of turns before the Prime Time when battle time shift applications can no longer be submitted 3